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January 28, 2020

Watch How 11 Plus Creative Writing Essays Are Marked for Grammar and Independent School Tests

Would you like to see how the creative writing task in the 11 Plus exams is marked?

We have a special treat for you – a ‘live’ marking. Well, it’s not live-streamed, but you get to see the creative writing task as it is being marked – with your very own eyes.

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January 24, 2020

Punctuation Poster for Key Stage 2 English, SATs, the 11 Plus and Any English Writing

Punctuation is an integral part of writing. Without it, the meaning of our words can change significantly, or just not make much sense to anyone else who is reading it.

Does your child know how to use a comma properly? Are full stops sporadic and often missed off the end of sentences?

What about more advanced punctuation, such as colons and semicolons? Most children don’t use them much – but they are an integral part of written English and demonstrate maturity in writing.

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January 10, 2020

2 Simple Ways to Use Past Papers for 11 Plus Preparation for Independent School Exams

Preparing for 11 Plus exams is no easy feat. There are so many different types of papers, so many different styles of exams and lots of confusing information.

When preparing your child for independent (private) school exams, the more practice, the better. But unlike textbooks (which your child has probably finished by the time you read this), schools often supply just one sample (some private schools don’t even provide that).

Books like Bond English Assessment Papers and ISEB books can be helpful to get your child started, but if your child is working diligently, they will soon finish those papers – or get bored of their repetitive nature.

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January 9, 2020

Key Stage 2 SATS: What you need to know about preparing your child this year

Is your child in Year 6, and preparing for their Key Stage 2 SATs exam?

  • Are you worried about the quality of your child’s writing?
  • Is it a battle to get your child to read?
  • Does your child love everything to do with gadgets but won’t do any book work without a battle?

Did you know that all children in Year 6 will take a Key Stage 2 Writing Assessment as part of their SATs exams in May?

Many parents are unaware of this because the test will be ‘informal’ and assessed by your child’s class teacher. This means that the written work will be marked by your child’s school around the Key Stage 2 Writing Framework.

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January 7, 2020

7 Playful and Easy Maths Activities You Can Do Every Day to Help Your Child With the 11 Plus

The truth is, maths is all around us, it’s just that we can choose to see it, or not see it at all until we open a textbook.

If you want to make maths an integral part of your child’s everyday life, it’s actually quite easy. This will give your child the knowledge and confidence to apply maths comfortably, which can help when working on maths problems.

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