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Take The Next Step To Help Your Child Achieve Their Academic Goals

All our students take a free assessment so we can see where their strengths are weaknesses are and make an informed plan to help them make the improvements they need to reach their highest potential!

Book Tuition - Online Or In Person At Our Centres

At Geek School Tutoring, we teach children how to pass competitive exams like the 11 Plus and GCSE exams and help them build confidence in their English, maths and science subjects. We work with children as young as reception age through to GCSE.

We also have specialist courses for post-16 children and adults, so if you are looking for academic support, you have come to the right place!

We advise parents not to be deterred by the idea of group sessions – our teaching ratio is not rigid, so we will always divide the group if some need more help on a topic than others, ensuring your child receives plenty of individualised support while benefiting from friendly competition to keep them engaged and motivated.

How Our Tuition Helps Children Like Yours

Primary School Tuition (5-11 Years)

If your child is facing challenges at school, or you’re seeking expert guidance to complement your efforts in preparing them for the 11 Plus exam at home, Geek School Tutoring is here to assist.

Our proven methodology will empower your child to excel in maths and English, as well as in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, setting them on a path to success in their exams grammar and independent school exams, as well as putting them on a pedestal throughout their academic journey.

Secondary School Tuition (11-16 Years, including GCSE Exam preparation)

If your child is facing challenges at school or needs help to get the top grades so they can make it into their sixth form or college, we are here to assist.

We teach English, maths and the three sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) at Key Stage 3 and GCSE level. In 2022, all our students achieved either a grade 8 or 9 in their GCSE exams and this is consistent with our excellent results during our 10-year existence.

16+ and Adult Tuition – Functional Skills Courses

If you are worried that your child will fail their GCSE English or maths exams, or perhaps they have and you are looking for an alternative provision, we can help.

Perhaps you are an adult learner who needs to get a recognised English or maths qualification to get onto a professional course such as teaching, nursing, or another profession. We can help! With our Functional Skills courses, you can’t go wrong. We have helped many overcome the hurdle of passing their English and maths exams so they can get admission to their dream courses!