Are you looking for an 11-plus tutor or maths and English tuition in Catford (Hither Green) or Beckenham?

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– Are you looking for a good 11-plus tutor in Catford (Hither Green) or Beckenham to help your child pass grammar and private school exams? 

– Does your child need support to ace their GCSE maths and English? 

– Is your child struggling at school and doesn’t seem to be thriving?

– Has your child gone from loving school to lacking in confidence and hating everything about learning?

– Finding a good tutor who is knowledgeable, reliable, and is someone you can trust is key to a positive tutor-child relationship. With that in place, success is ensured, and your child will flourish.

11-plus tutor GCSE English and maths tutor in Bromley and Beckenham

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If your child is struggling at school, or you need a tutor to support the work you are already doing at home, Geek School can help. Using a proven method and tools to help them excel in maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning your child will be set on the right course for success in their exams and overall studies. Starting by laying a solid foundation in their subject of choice, children soon start making improvements in their work and building knowledge, which has a positive impact on their confidence and approach to work. 

Tuition is available in the Catford (Hither) or Beckenham in small groups or one-to-one. We’re the 11 Plus specialists. Our students have passed the Graveney, Newstead Wood, Sutton, Kent and Bexley county exams. Many of our students have also excelled in exams for high-profile private schools (gaining scholarships, too), including Dulwich College, Trinity, Whitgift, Eltham College, St Dunstan’s, Colfe’s, Sydenham Girls, Old Palace Christ Hospital and more!

How Geek School Tutoring can help your child

Group and one-to-one tuition is available for the following subjects:

– English – for SATs, 11-plus exams, grammar school selection tests and GCSE

– Creative writing – for 11-plus exams

– Maths – for SATs, 11-plus exams, grammar school selection tests and GCSE

– Verbal reasoning – for 11-plus exams and grammar school selection tests

– Non-verbal reasoning – for 11-plus exams and grammar school selection tests

Call today to book: 02086583239