5 Advantages of Homeschooling

This year has seen parents have no choice but to have a more active role in the learning of their children. Some have enjoyed every minute of it. However, if you look at forums, social media and speak to many parents, it’s clear that not everyone has enjoyed homeschooling – parents and children alike!

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Can You Pay For Private Tuition With Childcare Vouchers

Paying for private tuition is a huge sacrifice, but with all the recent events in the world and the impact they have had on children’s education, many parents are looking for a way to supplement their child’s learning – or just to help them catch up on the six months out of school.

Do you know that you can get financial support to help cover the cost (or a large portion of the costs) for your child’s tuition?

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11 Plus Preparation – Speed is Everything

11 Plus Preparation: Finishing Papers On Time

Speed – the Key to 11 Plus Exam Success?

Speed and accuracy are essential for 11 Plus exam success. Many children fail the exam because they do not finish the paper – it is not just because children do not have the knowledge to pass.


In terms of speed, the 11 Plus exams can be a more daunting task than anything children have previously taken. The tests take place before they have sat their Key Stage 2 SATs in Year 6, although many may have already sat a few timed ‘Optional End of Year SATs Tests’ in Years 3, 4 and 5. However, these exams are sat in school – a familiar place.


If you have a child who works well in their books, when not being timed but does terribly with timed papers, the chances are he or she is struggling to complete the paper because of the limitation of time. If your child is in Year 5, you must start introducing a timer into their practice so that there is enough time to build up the pace required for success.

Preparation For the Big Day is Key!

It can be heartbreaking to hear of children not passing the 11 Plus selection tests because they were ill-prepared by a tutor. Many inexperienced tutors do not expose children to timed papers in time. If a student knows how to answer the questions in an 11 Plus paper, it is essential to complete timed tests on those questions by completing 11+ papers.


Some parents recognise the importance of this and book their child in for mock tests, to see how they will perform in such exams, in addition to being in an unfamiliar environment – as they would experience in the real exam. However, just taking a mock test will only highlight the problem with timing – it will not help a child overcome the issues.


We see children like this every year, who often come to Geek School Tutoring after failing to cut the grammar school exams; their parents often want to get some urgent help in time for the independent school entrance exams.


That’s why we have produced a series of 11 Plus Mock Timer videos to help your child prepare adequately for these exams on our YouTube Channel.

UKiset – what is it and what does the test include?

UKiset tips and advice

What is the UKiset Test and How Do You Prepare for It??

The UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test (UKiset) is a set of assessments that many British independent (private) schools use to test overseas students and compare them to students of the same age in the British independent school system. The test evaluates a child’s underlying learning skills – through tests in verbal, non-verbal and mathematical reasoning; as well as testing their level of English – in reading, listening and writing.

The UKiset Test


Many independent schools in the UK use the UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test (UKiset) test for international candidates. According to UKiset, more than 270 independent schools in the UK use the UKiset test, so it is very popular, as there are only around 700 independent schools in the UK.


Students who are looking to study at a British school can sit the test in their home country or elsewhere in the world before coming to the UK to commence their schooling. The purpose of the test is to assess whether or not an international student will be able to succeed in an English-speaking school. All candidates will set the same Exam, which will test a variety of functional skills, including maths, problem solving/logic and language.

The purpose of this guide is to provide potential candidates with advice in preparing for the Exam, with a particular focus on the third and final component, the English essay. 

What is the UKiset?

What does the UKiset test include?​

Section 1: Reasoning Test

The first part of the UKiset test is designed to find out the way in which the candidate thinks. Through a selection of Verbal, Non-Verbal and Mathematical Reasoning questions, the candidate will be assessed on their ability to solve different problems, understand logical questions and understand concepts. 


Section 2: Cambridge English Placement Test

This section is designed to test candidates’ language skills – both reading and listening – through a series of multiple-choice questions. Candidates will set the test online. 


Section 3: English Essay

The third and final section is comprised of a handwritten essay. 

  1. Students will be given the subject matter for the essay on the day of the Exam. 
  2. Students will write an essay by hand. 
  3. Students will have 30 minutes to write their essay. 

11 Plus Summer Revision: How To Revise Now That Exams Have Been Postponed ​

So the news is out: the 11 Plus exams (grammar school selection tests, that is!) have been postponed in most cases to either October or November. Thank goodness our hardworking children get some extra time to revise and learn, reducing the stress for everyone involved! If you are tempted to ditch your child’s 11 Plus summer revision plans, keep reading!

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