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  • Maths: Year 1 topics

    For a list of what you can expect your child to be learning for maths in Year 1: Numbers and counting up to 3 Count to 3 Represent numbers – up to 3 Count by typing – up to 3 Numbers and counting up to 5 Count to 5 Represent numbers – up to 5…

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  • Maths: Year 7 topics

    Below is a list of topics you can expect your child to know by the end of year 7: Whole numbers A.1 Place values in whole numbers A.2 Word names for numbers A.3 Roman numerals Decimal numbers B.1 What decimal number is illustrated? B.2 Decimal place values B.3 Word names for decimal numbers B.4 Convert…

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  • Maths: Year 8 topics

    Year 8 starts to see more complex maths, and is about the time that many students starts to struggle in maths, if they have been left behind. See below for the full list of topics you can expect your child to learn inyear 8: Number theory A.1 Prime or composite A.2 Prime factorisation A.3 Multiplicative…

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  • Maths: Year 9 topics

    Here is a list of what your child should be learning in year 9 – Geek School students cover this and more: Number theory A.1 Factors A.2 Divisibility rules A.3 Prime or composite A.4 Prime factorisation A.5 Greatest common factor A.6 Least common multiple A.7 GCF and LCM: word problems A.8 Classify numbers Integers B.1…

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