The Final Polish: Proofreading and Editing Techniques Every Student Should Know for the 11 Plus English Paper

In the high-stakes environment of the 11 Plus English paper, every point counts. Often, it’s the final polish that makes all the difference.

Proofreading is not merely a finishing touch; it’s a crucial part of the writing process that can significantly impact your child’s score.

Grammar Check: More Than Just Spellcheck

While spellcheck features are useful, they can’t catch everything. A human eye is irreplaceable for the final grammar check.

What You Can Do: Teach your child to systematically go through their text, looking out for common errors like misplaced commas or incorrect tenses.

Consistency: Keeping Things Uniform

Ensuring that tense, narrative voice and formatting are consistent throughout is essential.

Action Point: Review your child’s work for consistency in these areas. Make it a checklist item for their final review.

Read Aloud: The Power of the Spoken Word

a boy is reading a book, a child is reading

Reading the text aloud can help your child catch errors and assess the flow of their writing.

Guidance for Parents: Encourage your child to read their work aloud during the proofreading stage, listening for awkward phrasing or sentence structure.

Peer Review: A Second Pair of Eyes

Sometimes what you miss, another might catch. Peer reviews can be invaluable, especially for older children preparing for the 11 Plus. This is one of the reasons why we advocate group tuition for 11 Plus English paper preparation.

Parental Tip: Arrange swap-and-review sessions with classmates or family friends who are also preparing for the 11 Plus.

Fine-Tuning: The Final Creative Touch

The last revision is also an opportunity to add any creative or analytical insights that might make the text stand out.

Practical Advice: Encourage your child to think about any final touches that could elevate their work, whether it’s a clever turn of phrase or an additional supporting argument.

Essential Checklist for Parents:

  1. Grammar Review: Make sure the text is grammatically sound.
  2. Check for Consistency: Ensure uniform tense, voice, and format.
  3. Read Aloud: Use this technique for a final sweep.
  4. Peer Review: Leverage the help of classmates or friends where possible.
  5. Fine-Tuning: Consider last-minute additions that could make the text stand out.
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