Free Key Stage 2 (and SATS) maths Checklist

  Thanks to homeschooling, many parents with children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 now know that their children are learning more than just addition, subtraction and timestables. This realisation has come as a shock for so many parents because up until March, that seemed to sum up the kind of homework children inContinue reading “Free Key Stage 2 (and SATS) maths Checklist”

Boost your child’s maths scores by 20% with this easy-to-follow guide

 Do you want to boost your child’s 11 Plus maths scores? How can you help a child to pass their 11 Plus exams when they struggle with maths? How much work your child REALLY needs to do to be in with a chance of passing the 11 Plus? What maths topics do children actually needContinue reading “Boost your child’s maths scores by 20% with this easy-to-follow guide”

Does your child need a maths tutor to help them with the new maths GCSE?

The new GCSE maths is harder than before – if your child has always struggled with maths, or is demotivated when it comes to working on maths, then you may need to look for a maths tutor. Year 10 children did not get into a panic about it for no good reason. But the factContinue reading “Does your child need a maths tutor to help them with the new maths GCSE?”

Maths: Year 11 topics

See below for the list of maths topics you can expect  your child to learn in year 11: Numbers Prime or composite Identify rational and irrational numbers Compare and order rational numbers Square roots Cube roots Add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers A.7 Order of operations with rational numbers Exponents Exponents review Multiplication andContinue reading “Maths: Year 11 topics”

Maths: Year 6 topics

Here are the list of topics you can expect your child cover in maths during year 6: Place values and number sense Place values Convert between place values Compare numbers up to millions Word names for numbers Roman numerals Rounding Even and odd arithmetic patterns Understanding integers Compare integers Put integers in order Geometry Lines,Continue reading “Maths: Year 6 topics”

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