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Boost 11 Plus maths scores

Boost your child’s maths scores by 20% with this easy-to-follow guide

  •  Do you want to boost your child’s 11 Plus maths scores?
  • How can you help a child to pass their 11 Plus exams when they struggle with maths?
  • How much work your child REALLY needs to do to be in with a chance of passing the 11 Plus?
  • What maths topics do children actually need to know for the 11 Plus?
  • What can you do to support your child when it all seems to be going wrong with their maths?
  • Help! I started preparing my child very late for the 11 Plus. What can I do to buy back some time and get to the standard required to pass the exams?

With just a handful of months to go until the 11 Plus exams kick off in September 2018, you’re probably looking for all the support you can to help your child maximise their chances of scoring high enough to guarantee a place at one of the top grammar schools.

Maths is a central part to success in the grammar school selection tests. If you’d like to find a way to boost your child’s maths scores by 20%, the Geek School Tutoring guide, Boost Your Child’s 11 Plus Scores by 20%, is a must have! It’s easy to follow and easy to implement – and it will get results.

Find out out the Boost Your Child’s 11 Plus Scores by 20% guide today and start seing those maths scores go frome strength to strength.