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At Geek School Tutoring, we strive to support students in the most flexible way possible. Whether your child can attend our centres, requires online tuition, or prefers our video-based courses, we have the perfect solution to meet their needs.

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Tuition Services

Who We Teach

We work with children from Reception to Year 11 (GCSE level).

What We Teach

  • We specialise in the 11 Plus exams (and all the other exams before and after, such as the 7 Plus, 10 Plus and 13 Plus exams).
  • We also teach maths, English, science (biology, chemistry and physics), and religious studies (via our sister site,
  • We also have our renowned online video-based courses, which have impacted our students’ lives for more than six years!

Where We Teach

Geek School Tutoring has two centres (in Beckenham and Catford, Lewisham), so we provide onsite face-to-face tuition from these venues.

We also provide online tuition and video-based courses, which provide added flexibility.

Geek School Tutoring – Beckenham Centre

Geek School Tutoring – Catford Centre

How We Teach

We offer personalised teaching options in both online and in-person formats. Our students learn in small groups of up to six and in one-to-one sessions.

11 Plus Tuition

Geek School Tutoring has a fantastic track record of helping students gain admission to their dream grammar or independent school. Our reputation for supporting students in their endeavours has been growing for the past decade. Take a look at the school below for a small sample of the schools our students have got into.

Geek School Tutoring 11 Plus tuition results
Destination grammar and independent schools

Online Tuition

Our online tuition is as robust as our in-person tuition. Our students have a taught lesson and are live online with one of our tutors (most of whom work at our centres). We have students from all over the world – China, Dubai, Spain, Ghana and Nigeria. The list of countries is growing.

Our students are set homework, just like we do in-person and feedback is provided at the end of each session.

We provide small-group tuition and one-to-one tuition for all age groups.

Online Courses

Our online courses are ideal for students who prefer an independent study approach tailored to their schedule. We offer video-based classes with assessments and detailed feedback. These courses are highly effective for the disciplined student seeking a more flexible tuition experience.

We also host engaging weekly reading clubs for children years 3-6. These vibrant sessions bring stories to life, taking young minds on captivating journeys through the power of books.

Our online video courses are for:

Book In-Person Or Online Tuition
  • Religious studies exam preparation for Common Entrance and GCSE students via our sister site,

11 Plus 11+ 11 Plus tutor 11+ tutor

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