Wilson’s Grammar School Voted Secondary School of the Year: How To Get Your Son Into The School

Wilson's Grammar School

Wilson’s Grammar School in Sutton has recently achieved a remarkable milestone by being crowned ‘The Sunday Times Parent Power Secondary School of the Year,’ a prestigious accolade that places it above renowned independent institutions, including the illustrious Eton. This recognition is a testament to the school’s commitment to academic excellence and underscores its significance in the realm of education.

One of the key factors contributing to Wilson’s success is its emphasis on maintaining small class sizes, with tutor groups as intimate as 16 students. What sets schools like Wilson’s Grammar apart from the rest is the inclusion of senior leaders as instructors, a strategic move designed to ensure that these smaller classes receive personalised attention and a high-quality learning experience. This approach fosters a conducive learning environment and underscores the institution’s dedication to individual student growth.

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Having played a pivotal role in guiding numerous students into their desired grammar and independent schools over the past decade, we know that Wilson’s Grammar School has consistently been a favourite among parents seeking top-notch education for their children. It has become an integral part of the success stories at Geek School Tutoring. It’s a beacon of academic achievement that parents look up to when making crucial decisions about the future of their sons.

How To Get Your Child Into Wilson’s Grammar School

For parents who are considering Wilson’s Grammar School as a potential choice for their child, if your child is in years 4 or 5, it is imperative to recognise the significance of early preparation.

The school’s popularity and competitive admissions process underscore the need to start the 11 Plus exam preparation journey as soon as possible. Delaying this crucial step can potentially lead to undue stress for children as they navigate the challenges of securing a coveted spot in this esteemed institution.

It’s also important that key areas like the Stage 2 writing task are not left to the last minute. This can often be the undoing of many boys’ chances because so much effort goes into preparing for Stage 1, which is a multiple-choice exam. However, as there are usually no more than three weeks between the exams if your son passes the first stage, there just isn’t enough time for most students to develop strong writing skills.

So, one important takeaway is not to focus on just one part of the exam. You can sign your son up for our Creative Writing Crash course or our Write and Bloom course to get the writing up to the level required to gain entry.

Book a Free Assessment to See If Your Child Has a Chance of Making It Into Wilson’s Grammar School

If you are considering this school for your child, get in touch with us, and arrange an assessment to see if your child is on track to gain entry into this record-breaking school.

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