What is the 11 Plus Writing Task All About?

What is the 11 Plus Writing Task All About?

It’s only a few months until the grammar school tests and the independent school exams begin. Many parents have already gone into panic mode, but there really is no need to panic. Especially where the 11 Plus writing task is concerned.

What is in the 11 Plus Writing Task?

The 11 Plus writing task is a piece of writing that children are asked to produce in many grammar school tests, and in most independent school exams. The writing task could require any of a number of different writing tasks, from a creative writing piece; to a descriptive piece of writing; or even a letter writing task. These are just some of the examples of writing tasks, but the exams are not limited to this selection.

There are around 12 possible writing tasks that chidlren taking the 11 Plus exams can be asked to produce, which are detailed in the Geek School Creative Writing Crash Course. Children need to know what they are expected to produce in each different style of writing tasks, so it is important that they have enough time and the right guidance to produce it – especially under timed conditions.

How to Help Your Child Prepare for the 11 Plus Writing Task

I created a short video some time back detailing the ins and outs of the 11 Plus creative writing task. Watch the video below:

What is the 11 Plus Writing Task All About?
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