11 Plus Preparation – Speed is Everything

Speed – the Key to 11 Plus Exam Success? Speed and accuracy are essential for 11 Plus exam success. Many children fail the exam because they do not finish the paper – it is not just because children do not have the knowledge to pass.   In terms of speed, the 11 Plus exams canContinue reading “11 Plus Preparation – Speed is Everything”

UKiset – what is it and what does the test include?

What is the UKiset Test and How Do You Prepare for It?? The UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test (UKiset) is a set of assessments that many British independent (private) schools use to test overseas students and compare them to students of the same age in the British independent school system. The test evaluates a child’sContinue reading “UKiset – what is it and what does the test include?”

Free Key Stage 2 (and SATS) English Checklist for Homeschooling

We have been inundated with parents asking for guidance on Key Stage 2 English here at Geek School Tutoring Towers. So, in an attempt to help parents navigate what can be quite a complicated and not-so-transparent curriculum, we have created a free Key Stage 2 English Checklist. Yes, it is true that reading, writing, grammar,Continue reading “Free Key Stage 2 (and SATS) English Checklist for Homeschooling”

Encouraging Reluctant Readers During the Coronavirus Quarantine – and Beyond!

It can be challenging to encourage your child to read during a typical school term when they have homework to do, levels to complete and friends to text. However, when your children are at home for the whole day during quarantine, it’s a good idea to make the most of this time. Get creative inContinue reading “Encouraging Reluctant Readers During the Coronavirus Quarantine – and Beyond!”

Preventing Learning Loss During Lockdown

Usually, we worry about learning loss over the summer. Students can lose up to 2.6 months of maths skills and two months of reading skills over the summer break. It can take up to six weeks to rebuild that learning in the winter term. However, as we all know, summer seems to have come aContinue reading “Preventing Learning Loss During Lockdown”