11 Plus Creative Writing Course for Children (for Grammar and Independent Schools and SATs Preparation)

At Geek School Tutoring, our aim is to provide solutions that actually work for your child’s schedule so that there is a way for every child we work with to progress.

We offer a variety of tuition packages and courses:

In-person tuiton

In-Person 11 Plus Creative Writing Tuition at Our Beckenham and Lewisham Centres

If you are close enough to our Beckenham or Lewisham centres, we can provide tuition in the traditional way – in person!

Our centres provide group and one-to-one tuition in:

  • 11 Plus exam preparation
  • Primary tuition for students in Reception to Year 6
  • Secondary tuition for students in Year 7 to Year 11 (GCSE)

We have weekday and Saturday tuition available.

Online 11 Plus Creative Writing Tuition: Groups and One-to-One Available!

Our online lessons are designed for those who can’t make it to our centres. Don’t let the distance get in the way of effective learning.

You can expect the same standards as in-person tuition. What’s more, our in-house team, led by Managing Director Joycellyn Akuffo, delivers all the lessons themselves to maintain that level of excellence.

Experience hassle-free, top-quality remote education from the comfort of your own home!

Our students must switch on their cameras during lessons and actively participate in their learning. Additionally, we assign homework after each session and notify parents of their child’s progress, ensuring they stay in the loop with their tuition.

Online 11 Plus Creative Writing Courses With a Difference

When you have 11 Plus exams looming and need something that will work effectively for your child, sometimes thinking outside the box will help. That’s why we created these quick and effective 11 Plus online courses that children love!

The ability to write confidently is an important skill that children need throughout their primary and secondary school education. However, many children leave school without the ability to do this, with as much as 25% of primary and secondary school-aged children leaving school without literacy skills.

Over the years, I have noticed that many children don’t know how to write appropriately – in a structural sense.

There are often any number of the following issues in their writing, which will not help them get into the top grammar or independent schools:

  • Missing full stops at the end of their sentences.
  • No capitalisation at the beginning of sentences or on proper nouns.
  • Lots of grammatical errors.
  • Many spelling mistakes.

And many children don’t like reading through their work, either, because English is often a subject that they do not enjoy. Does this sound familiar?

Class teachers don’t always have enough time for your child!

Online 11 Plus Creative Writing Courses that Get Results!

If your child attends a state school, they are being prepared for the SATs in Year 6 months after schools have been offered for grammar and independent schools. 

Additionally, the curriculum isn’t tailored for the 11 Plus exams, so there will be gaps in your child’s learning for the 11 Plus unless they get additional support specifically focused on passing the 11 Plus exams.

It can be quite a shock for many parents to find that their child is doing well in school but get an entirely different result when they take an 11 Plus English mock test!

It’s often not always down to poor teaching or low standards at schools. Class sizes are the largest they’ve ever been, so most teachers don’t have enough time to give children detailed feedback on their English comprehension or creative writing (if they get to set these at all!). So, it’s no surprise that parents find that there are a whole host of areas that their child needs to make improvements on – fast!

The lack of regular detailed, and consistent feedback can result in children repeatedly making the same mistakes over and over again.

Online 11+ Creative Writing and English Courses Get Results – Fast!

From creative writing to English comprehension, our range of online writing courses offers students a world-class education without ever leaving the house. These courses suit young learners whose schedules don’t allow for consistent tuition or for those who prefer the convenience of learning in their own space.

Our online 11 Plus creative writing programs provide expert tutoring tailored to each student’s needs. Whether your child wants to improve their sentence structure, grammar usage or fluency – we have it all covered.

Our courses are designed with the same in-house resources we leverage to help children excel in 11 Plus exams, ace the SATs Reading Task, or bolster their writing aptitude. With our programs, children can hone their writing skills and gain a competitive edge in language proficiency.

Our range of online writing courses is expanding every day. We host them separately on our sister site, 11PlusEssay.co.uk.

Our Online Geek Readers Club

Gadgets have taken over reading, but it remains a crucial part of the writing process, and without it, children can often struggle with their reading! Try our online Geek Readers Club to help your child improve and start to love reading.

11 Plus Creative Writing Course for Children (for Grammar and Independent Schools and SATs Preparation)

Nowadays, it seems that children don’t read as much as they used to. Prior to the rise of technology, reading was a popular pastime among children. However, I often hear parents fretting over how tough it is to get their kids to pick up a book due to constant technological distractions. It appears that gadgets have taken over the free time of most children, posing a challenge in promoting good reading habits.

Writing can be daunting for some children as they often struggle with the basics of grammar and structuring their ideas. At Geek Readers, we recognise that these difficulties can accumulate over time, so we strive to offer comprehensive solutions. Our Geek Readers packages cater to children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We provide online reading lessons, free access to a vast library of books, and reading resources to facilitate and enhance the overall reading experience. Join the Geek Readers Club today and see the worlds waiting for you.