11 Plus Creative Writing Course for Children (for grammar and Independent Schools and SATs Preparation)

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When you have 11 Plus exams looming and you need something that will work effectively for your child, sometimes thinking outside the box will help. That’s why we created these quick and effective 11 Plus online courses that children love! 

The ability to write confidently is an important skill that children need throughout their primary and secondary school education. However, many children leave school without the ability to do this, with as much as 25% of primary and secondary school aged children leaving school with noliteracy skills at all.

Over the years, I have noticed that many children don’t know how to write appropriately – in a structural sense. There are often:

– Missing fullstops at the end of their sentence

– No capitalisation at the beginning of sentences, or of proper nouns.

– Lots of grammatical errors, too.

– Many spelling mistakes.

And many children don’t like reading through their work, either, because English is often a subject that they do not enjoy. Does this sound familiar?

Get the feedback your child needs


Online 11 Plus Creative Writing Courses that Get Results!If the above sounds like your child, don’t panic!

Don’t waste any more money on books and papers, which are frustrating both you and your child and still not achieving the right results!

What you need is a tried and tested, successful solution that will get the job done. These online courses are not a one-size fits all approach that will repeat the same issues you’ve been experiencing. The feedback is tailored to your child, which means they will improve their writing quickly and painlessly. We use the same methods with our face-to-face tuition, and it works. The only difference with our online courses is that you can take us anywhere!

Enrol your child on one of Geek Schot Tutoring’s online writing courses today. Each course is modelled on the standard required for the 11 Plus, so will work wonders for the advancement of your child’s writing.

Class teachers don’t always have enough time

Online 11 Plus Creative Writing Courses that Get Results!

If your child attends a state school, they are being prepared for the SATs in Year 6, which is months after schools have been offered for grammar and independent schools. Additionally, the curriculum isn’t tailored for the 11 Plus exams, so there will be gaps in your child’s learning for the 11 Plus unless they get some additional support that is specifically focused at passing the 11 Plus exams.

It can be quite a shock for many parents to find that their child is doing well in school but get an entirely different result when they take an 11 Plus English mock test!

It’s often not always down to poor teaching or low standards at schools. Class sizes are the largest they’ve ever been, so most teachers don’t have enough time to give children the detailed feedback in their English comprehension or creative writing (if they get set these at all!). So, it’s no surprise that parents find that there are a whole host of areas that their child needs to make improvements on – fast!

The lack of regular detailed amd consistent feedback can result in children repeatedly making the same mistakes over and over again.


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Try Our Online 11 Plus Courses and Get Results – Fast!

Whether it’s help with creative writing that your child needs, or support with English comprehension, we have it covered with our range of online writing courses. These courses are ideal for students who can’t make it to one of our centres for face-to-face tuition, or children whose schedules do no allow for consistent tuition.

The courses are developed using the resources we use in-house to help children pass their 11 Plus exams with flying colours, prepare for the SATs Reading Task, or just improve their Engligh writing skills in general.

Take a look below at our range of writing courses.

Are you unsure about the writing level your child is working at? Our 11 Plus Creative Writing Mock Test will provide invaluable feedback to help your child on their 11 Plus journey.

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If your child is preparing for their independent school exams or the second stage of a grammar school test, you’ll know that creative writing is a huge part of their English paper mark. Geek School Tutoring has extensive experience in successfully helping children make the grade! If you can't get to one of our centres, why not look into one of our online creative writing courses?  

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The 11 Plus English paper is a core part of the entrance exams to many grammar schools and most independent schools. Children are expected to show a flair for writing and demonstrate confidence in their understanding of passages from all types of literature. If your child is struggling to get to grips with the English comprehension paper, that could have a detrimental effect on their chances of securing a place at one of these schools. This course guides each child individually and equips them with the tools they need to make the grade.

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Are you wondering what your child needs to do, what your child needs to say, and what the independent school interview questions may be? While you can search online for tips and advice on the independent school interview process and how to prepare your child, the information is scanty - and often inaccurate. This short online course will equip your child with body language techniques, tips on how to answer questions and more!

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Gadgets have taken over reading!

These days, children don’t read as much as they should. Before the emergence of technology, reading was a common pastime amongst children, but I hear parents complaining about how difficult it can be to encourage their child to read because of technological distractions. Gadgets, it seems, have taken over the free time of many children!

Many children struggle to come up with ideas when writing, they struggle with basic grammar rules and don’t seem to have a framework to work with when writing. It’s a cumulative effect of many issues, which is why we created the Geek School Tutoring’s range of writing improvement courses on our sister site, the11plusessay.co.uk.



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