August 2019 Revision Courses for the 11 Plus, and Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

It’s well known that children usually drop academically when they return to school from the long summer holidays. With the sunshine, lots of activities and socialising – or just doing nothing, it’s easy to see why this happens.

At Geek School Tutoring, we’ve been running intensive courses for children during the summer holidays for a number of years. This August, we have something for everyone!

11 Plus Intensive Summer Revision Course for Year 4s and 5s   

Book Week 1 (20th-22nd August 2019)

Book Week 2 (27th-29th August 2019)

Book both Week 1 and Week 2 (20th-22nd August 2019 and 27th-29th August 2019)

Key Stage 3 English, Maths and Science Revision Course