Managing Homeschooling During Coronavirus: Geek School Tutoring Online Tuition is Here to Help!

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Schools around the world are either urging students to stay home or have shut. 

While the UK hasn’t made the formal decision to close schools in response to the coronavirus, and Public Health England’s advice is for schools to stay open unless there is a positive case, there is now an increased possibility of disruption to students -, especially GCSE and A level students. 

School closures will help in keeping children and their families healthy but also interrupts children’s studies, and many parents are not just worried about this, but the impact on SATs, GCSE, A level and 11 Plus exams.

Wales and Scotland have just announced that their schools will close from this Friday, with Scotland’s First Minister suggesting that the closures may remain as far as to the end of the summer term. It is quite likely that England will soon follow suit.

What’s the alternative?

Managing Homeschooling During Coronavirus: Geek School Tutoring Online Tuition is Here to Help!

Online learning can be a great way to supplement children’s education. Geek School has been running online courses for a number of years now, successfully supporting students who cannot make it to one of our venues for face-to-face tuition.

Online tuition at Geek School Tutoring

We can now offer both group and one-to-one tuition online for the following:

  • 11 Plus
  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE Science
  • SATS

We have worked hard to give students the best possible online tutoring experience. Just like our face-to-face tutoring experience, we only use a small team of tutors, who get to know our students. All the teaching is underpinned by a robust infrastructure of work that helps children develop their knowledge and skills to do excellently in their exam.

How to book our online classes

To book online tuition, please visit our booking page:

You can schedule as many sessions as you require in one block, or pay as you go.

If you would like to discuss online tutoring for your child, feel free to send an email to; call or send a WhatsApp message to us on 02086583239

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