Life After the 11 Plus Exams – Is The Last Exam Really the End?

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First of all, congratulations on working towards and passing (fingers crossed!) one of the most challenging exams you will ever do in your compulsory education years! Preparing for the 11 Plus exams for grammar school entry or to pass the independent school entrance exams is no easy feat.

Even the most composed of parents will have at least one sleepless night in the process, and if you are a child reading this, there were likely times when you thought you wouldn’t ever get rid of all the books, papers and hours of preparation. But you got there!

This year’s National Offer Day is on the 1st March 2022, so if you’re reading this and are still waiting for your final school offer for grammar school exams, we are holding our breath with you!

The final months before the exam can feel like quite a whirlwind of activity and can have lots of mixed emotions, and this can take its toll on both parent and child. However, you have done all you can now and can only wait for the results.

What to Do After the 11 Plus Exams?

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Taking a break to enjoy things like reading and other activities is well deserved after the 11 Plus exam preparation.

But what happens now? Between the last exam and National Offer Day, taking a break from studies and doing papers can be a good thing. The (much easier) SATs tests do not take place until May, which can seem a long ahead (especially if your child finished their last exam in September). So, what should your child be doing for the rest of year 6? Just gaming and watching Geek School’s YouTube videos all day?

The last thing any parent wants is to see all the maths and English knowledge that has been acquired through sweat, tears and expense dwindle during the months between the last 11+ exam and starting secondary school the following year.

Recommendations for Learning After the 11 Plus Exams

It’s always helpful to hear from children who have gone through the 11 Plus preparation stage successfully. The experience of those who have started at their grammar or independent school is beyond valuable. We can learn so much about what they did after the exams and what has been helpful to their transition from primary to secondary school.

Watch the video below, where I interview two of Geek School Tutoring’s former students Savannah and Laila and hear what they did once they successfully finished their 11 Plus exams. Both of them took the grammar and independent school exams and achieved excellent results after working steadily to achieve academic excellence in their work.

After taking somewhat of a break, both girls discuss how they kept their knowledge up to the desired standard for entry into grammar and independent school in year 7.

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