How Your Child Can Get Full Marks in 11 Plus The Creative Writing Task

Creative writing is a core component of English in both primary and secondary school assessments and exams. You will find it in SATs assessments, the 11 Plus, and all the way through to GCSE English exams.

So, getting a good understanding of what is required is essential! But so many students are baffled about what is expected of them in these assessments and exams. Some lack the basic understanding of what is required to score at least a pass mark – let alone excel in the very exams aforementioned.

In the following video, our managing director, Joycellyn Akuffo, debunks and demystifies some of the confusing parts of the creative writing assessment – with a special focus on the 11 Plus exam.

All the tips and guidance in the video are helpful for the SATs writing tasks and GCSE English language and English literature exams and assessments, too.

Share your experience of preparing for creative writing tests with us – and your tips!

Free Creative Writing Course

We also have a Free Creative Writing Course that we want as many children to access as possible – find out about at:

With the impact of the lockdowns on schooling, it’s another way for us to give back. The course has many free printables included, which will help children with their writing, too. We also have several services available to help your child prepare for their creative writing assessments and exams too. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp to find out more.

Free Creative Writing Toolkit

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