How to Make Creative Writing More Interesting for the 11 Plus Exam

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To make writing more interesting, it must help the reader imagine what is being described like rolling a playback movie in their mind’s eye. They should be able to see, feel, taste, touch and smell all that is described in the writing.

Students who dislike English often dislike reading through their work, too. And they find the entire writing process quite dull. 

Unfortunately, if the writing bores the writer, it will more than likely bore the reader (including the examiner or teacher) even more. There is only one possible result if this is the case – low marks or failed tests or exams.

Show, Don’t Tell

If your child is at least in year 4 in primary school, there is a good chance that the phrase, ‘show don’t tell’ is one they have heard many times. However, this instruction can be too vague for some students. They do not understand how to ‘show’ in their writing; they would benefit more from being taught the literary devices that help them ‘show’, such as adding a simile, or a hyperbole; or how to use adjectives and adjectival phrases. As

In this video, I explain how to make creative writing more interesting. This video is a must-watch for any student who has to produce creative writing – so that is practically every primary and secondary school student in the UK, and across the pond!

This video is particularly beneficial for students preparing for the 11 Plus exams. It will also be a great benefit to students in years 7, 8 and 9 (key stage 3) and GCSE English Language, too; and anyone who wants some help or inspiration in their creative writing!

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How to Make Creative Writing More Interesting for the 11 Plus Exam

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Some Resources to Help Your Child With Creative Writing for the 11 Plus

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