11 Plus Writing Warrior

Creative writing is a significant component in the 11 Plus exams. The importance of creative writing for the grammar or independent school exams can differ – some grammar schools use it in the second stage (like many of the Sutton Council grammar school exams), and others like Medway use it in the first round. Most independent schools use the writing task as a significant part of their offer-making process.

The 11 Plus writing task enables children to demonstrate their competency in their spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as showcasing their creative ability in words.

Examiners look for specific content in a child’s writing, and many children need several attempts at writing different types of writing tasks to get to the high standards required.

Many parents struggle to find suitable 11 Plus writing tasks that are for 11 Plus preparation. There are so many different writing tasks available on good old Google, and it can be difficult to know which of these writing tasks are appropriate for the practice.

Consistency is Key to 11 Plus Writing Success!

Then there’s the issue of consistency. With so much to think about and work on during the 11 Plus preparation (i.e. working on maths, English comprehension, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning), creative writing often gets left behind – to the detriment of so many children’s success.

That’s why Geek School Tutoring has the Writing Warriors weekly subscription. The aim of this subscription is to send one 11 Plus writing task a week to your inbox to help you stay on track.

What the 11 Plus Writing Warrior Subscription Covers

The 11 Plus Writing Warrior writing tasks cover:

  • 11 Plus creative story writing tasks (including picture-based writing, writing with a prompt and general short story writing).
  • 11 Plus descriptive writing tasks.
  • 11 Plus diary entry writing.
  • 11 Plus letter writing.
  • 11 Plus persuasive writing.
  • 11 Plus story openers

This weekly 11 Plus writing subscription is a comprehensive 11+ course to help you prepare your child for their English paper.

What Age is Most Suitable for the 11 Plus Writing Warriors?

The 11 Plus Writing Warriors package is suitable for children in:

  1. Year 4 – those who are working at a high standard.
  2. Year 5
  3. Year 6

Where Do the 11 Plus Writing Warrior Questions Come From?

Joycellyn Akuffo, Managing Director, Geek School Tutoring

The 11 Plus Writing Warrior package has been designed by Geek School Tutoring’s managing director, Joycellyn Akuffo, who has a decade’s worth of 11+ experience.

She has helped countless children gain entry to their first-choice school including (but not limited to) City of London Girls, City of London Boys, Dame Alice Owens, Henrietta Barnet, St Michael’s Catholic School, Dulwich College, James Allen Girls, Alleyn’s, Eltham College; along with several grammar schools within the Sutton, Bexley, Medway, Kent, Bromley and Essex counties.

The questions come from a bank of questions that have been collected in the past decade from sample papers, along with what our students have told us came up in their 11 Plus exams.

The questions come from a bank of questions that have been collected in the past decade from sample papers, along with what our students have told us came up in their 11 Plus exams.

The 11 Plus writing tasks usually require children to write either a short story or complete a continuous prose exercise such as writing a letter, report or newspaper article, which is why the 11 Plus Writing Warriors subscription covers all of this.

Cost of the 11 Plus Writing Warriors

At just £1 per week, this is a bargain worth grabbing! You will also receive the 11 Plus Writing Toolkit (worth more than £10), which contains:

  • 100 Commonly Misspelled Words poster
  • 100 Ways to Say ‘Sad’ poster
  • Punctuation Toolkit poster

Published by Joycellyn Akuffo

Managing director of Geek School Tutoring.