How to Make a Revision Timetable That Works

You’ve got your pens, and other stationary lined out, and you’re ready to start revising. But then the distractions start to creep in. Mobile phone vibrates, you remember that you didn’t fill your water bottle, or you think you need to snack before you start.

It all boils down to one thing – not having a clear and effective plan that you will stick to.

How to Make a Revision Timetable That Works
Smiling student listening to music while revising

Here are some tips to get you focused and ready to really get down to some seriously high-grade inducing revision that will wow all your teachers – and yourself:

1. Start with a plan. No matter how motivated you are, without a clear idea of what you need to revise and how to get your revision underway, something else will keep cropping up to hamper your revision.

2. Start planning with a planner like the ones in the Geek School Shop to help you get an idea of all the topics you need to cover, and then you can roll out a timetable to help you stay on track with what you have covered and what else needs covering.

3. Write everything down so you have a good look at what you need to cover. Our planners were created with your revision in mind! Geek School works with hundreds of students every year, so we know exactly what you need. You’ll find revision planners to suit your taste and mood – and budget!

4. Focus on the topics that are most likely to come up. Start with these core topics, so you have the majority of the marks covered in your revision, so you can get the maximum marks. This is particularly effective when you’ve left your revision to the last minute!

5. Measure your progress. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing how much progress you’ve made with your revision. Our revision planners have to-do lists, topic lists, essential tasks and much more, to help you write all the lists you need so that you can keep on top of your work. And pat yourself on the back when you tick them off.

6. Don’t panic! Get to work instead! It’s better to use your efforts to start working than to stress over work that you haven’t done and the time wasted.

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