Homeschooling Lessons Learnt For the 11 Plus Preparation in 2020

A mother helping her daughter with homeschool.

Last year saw quite a lot of upheaval across the globe, thanks to Covid-19 and it’s resultant lockdown and social distancing policies. Like all industries, education was also greatly affected, resulting in school closures, the creation of ‘bubbles’ in schools and the postponement and changes in exam dates and exam content and delivery.

In short, last year was quite a mess where the 11 Plus exams were concerned, so much so that some students are still waiting to sit their 11 Plus, 13 Plus and other exams!

So What Lessons Can Be Learnt for 11 Plus Preparation in 2021?

One major learning outcome is the importance of not stopping your child’s preparation – even if schools are closed. That is probably the worst step to take.

Last year, I saw so many high-achieving students regress so much that some of them had effectively gone back 6 to 12 months. Some of them only read when we were online with them, and you could hear their fluency dwindle when we resumed lessons in person.

So many children seemed to be in their own world. After months of spending hours upon hours doing the least amount of work possible and filling the gaps with lots of free time, and extended hours playing, going back to formal school and having a full days’ learning seemed alien.

So, what can parents do to make sure the effects of homeschooling do not detrimentally impede their child’s 11 Plus preparation? Watch the video for some tips and advice.

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