Grammar and Spelling Rules for Children

Grammar and Spelling Rules for Children

A real understanding of English grammar is about quality instruction, not a natural talent.

Too often these days, schools simply skim over important subjects like grammar, leaving many kids feeling like they missed something and not knowing what to do to catch up, even if English is their strong subject.

Transform Your Child’s Writing Ability and Grasp Of Grammar With Lessons They’ll Love!

This Course is fast, accurate and Fun

We never want any children to miss out on the value of a high-quality education in the fundamental rules of grammar – which will serve your child well through secondary school, in his SAT’s, at university, and even in life as an adult.

Now an excellent education in grammar is accessible in the palm of your hand.

Interactive Digital Course – The best kind of learning is the kind that your kid will be able to connect to and interact with easily, and that’s why our courses in grammar are 100% digital for today’s digitally-native youth.

In-Depth Lessons and Practice – Make sure that your child’s teachers are not skimming the lesson plan or leaving out relevant information by making sure your child gets through grammar lessons with all of the review and practice they need to have his grammar knowledge down to an art.

Watch as Your Child Excels in School – Once your child learns the rules and principles of grammar, they will be farther ahead in his English classes and on standardised tests forever. Everything from SATs to professional writing jobs will be much more accessible to them thanks to his increased knowledge.

Make sure that your child knows his grammar rules with easy-to-access and very affordable grammar lessons through Geek School Tutoring.


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