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Geek School Saturday Tuition Centre – Now Open in Beckenham!

  • Are you looking for a for maths or English tutor in Beckenham?
  • Does your child need the support of a Beckenham-based 11 plus tutor in Beckenham?
  • Are you looking for reputable, successful and child-centred tuition for your child?
  • Are you looking for a maths and English tutor who can help your child pass the new GCSEs?

Finding the right tutor to help your child ace grammar selection tests or gain a sought-after place at a private school is a priority for many parents at this time of year. Due to the success of Geek School Tutoring in Downham, Bromley, we have opened a Saturday centre at Azelia Hall in Beckenham.

We have had so much success getting children through the Kent and Bexley selection tests, St. Olaves and Newstead Wood schools, along with a long list of private schools including Trinity, Whitgift, St Dunstan’s, Sydenham High and Eltham College in the previous years that demand has required us to open a new tuition centre in Beckenham.

Teaching in small groups (four children per session per adult), our sessions are very close to one-to-one tuition because all children follow an individual lesson plan and get the benefits of individual attention and social interaction with their peers. Having peers during lessons helps children to realise that they are not the only children being ‘dragged’ to tuition every week. It is also a good motivator – there’s nothing like trying to get the top score every time!

Please get in touch today to discuss your child’s needs and to register for an assessment for the Beckenham centre. Please use the following details:

Telephone: 0208 6982826

WhatsApp: 02086583239

Email: joycellyn@geeskchool.co.uk

Geek School Tutoring, Saturday sessions at Azelia Hall, Beckenham

Azelia Hall, Croydon Road, Beckenham
Azelia Hall, Croydon Road, Beckenham