Book A Free Assessment For Your Child

All our students take a free assessment before they start working with us. This enables us to see the level they are working at and determine the best support we can offer them so they get off to the best start!

Assessment Options For Your Child

11 Plus tuition in Beckenham

Book an Assessment At Our Beckenham Centre

Schedule an assessment for your child at our Beckenham Centre to explore how we can support their academic journey.

Most of our assessments last for an hour, and the marked paper and feedback are sent back within 24-72 hours, so there is no delay to your child’s starting tuition.

📍 Address: Geek School Tutoring

60 Beckenham Road

Beckenham BR3 4LS

We are conveniently located opposite Clock House train station.

Book A Free Assessment At Our Catford Centre

Book an assessment for your child at our Catford Centre so we can start helping your child to get closer to their academic goals.

Our assessments typically span an hour, with feedback promptly delivered within 24-72 hours. This ensures no delay in commencing tuition for your child, fostering a seamless learning journey.

📍 Address: Geek School Tutoring

44 Campshill Road


SE13 6QT

We are just a short stroll from Lewisham Hospital and around the corner from Lewisham Fire Station.

Request An Online Assessment

If you live too far from our centres or prefer online tuition for your child, we can make the assessment process simple. Just use the link below to request the online assessment according to the year your child is in.

Once we receive your child’s completed assessment papers, we will promptly provide all the necessary details and arrange a feedback call within 24-72 hours. This will ensure that your child has a seamless learning journey with no delay in starting tuition.