Where the Smart Children Go for 11-Plus and GCSE Exam Preparation

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We use a proven method to help children excel in maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, which will help your child get on the right course for success in their exams and overall studies.

We start by laying a solid foundation in their understanding to build their confidence and then show them how to excel in their work. 

Our students very quickly begin making improvements in their work, which has a positive impact on their confidence and approach to work. We have an excellent track record in helping children pass the 11 Plus exams for both grammar and independent schools.

If your child is preparing for the 11-Plus test, you’ll likely have come across the verbal and non-verbal reasoning component of the test. Some schools, like Newstead Wood and St Olave’s only test children in verbal and non-verbal reasoning and it can be daunting for children (and parents alike) because these topics are not taught as part of the National Curriculum. 

Where the Smart Children Go for 11-Plus and GCSE Exam Preparation

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Years of preparing children for grammar school exams


At Geek School, we pride ourselves on being the 11-plus experts. Having helped numerous children successfully get to grips with both of these topics, and pass their grammar and independent school tests, our formula for success is tried and tested – and it works every time!


Many of our students have also excelled in exams for high-profile private schools (gaining scholarships, too), including James Allen’s Girls (JAGS), Alleyn’s, City of London Girls, Dulwich College, Trinity, Whitgift, Eltham College, St Dunstan’s, Colfe’s, Sydenham Girls, Old Palace Christ Hospital and more!

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Where the Smart Children Go for 11-Plus and GCSE Exam Preparation

We help children excel in their SATs and GCSE English, maths and science (biology, chemistry and physics), too! At Geek School Tutoring, we tutor children from reception age to Year 11.


Lessons are tailored to each child’s individual needs, with the added bonus of having some healthy competition among their peers, due to the setup of classes.


We have a small class size policy, with high staff ratio. This means that children typically work between a 1:2 and 1:4 ratio with a subject specialist tutor on hand during their lessons.


We DO NOT use computer programmes to teach children or pointless repetitive worksheets that bore children.


Instead of these ineffective learning methods, At Geek School Tutoring, we use a traditional approach to learning. In other words, our lessons use a visual; learning style with black and whiteboards, and students work ON PAPER. They also get homework, which we mark ourselves. We go through all the corrections with our students and support children with making the necessary corrections.

Online Writing Courses – if You Can’t Get to Us!

We are often contacted by parents who live far away from our venues. While we work out a plan to bring a centre near you, why not look into our range of online writing courses or our online tuition?

Creative Writing Crash Course
The 11 Plus Interview
English Comprehension Course for The 11 Plus
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The Geek School


At Geek School Tutoring, we have a passion for helping children achieve their goals as effectively and seamlessly as possible.

To do this, we have created a range of useful 11 Plus guides and posters11 Plus and SATs maths and English grammar dictionaries; GCSE maths and poetry guides; student revision planners and many more!


The product range is growing all the time! Be sure to visit the Geek School Shop!