Online Writing Courses for Children – for the 11 Plus, Common Entrance and SATs Preparation

  • Is your child sitting for their independent school exam?

  • Has your child passed the first stage of a grammar school selection test and need to get up to speed (and fast!) in their creative writing

  • Is your child preparing for an exam that requires them to produce a piece of creative writing?

Whatever your needs are, we get the message – you need to see results and fast! That’s why we’ve created the 11 Plus Creative Writing Course Crash Course and all our other courses on our 11 Plus Essay site!



The Geek School Creative Writing Courses that Will Change Your Child’s Writing for Life!


If you have landed here, you are probably looking for a creative writing course for your child to help with preparation for an exam like the 11 Plus, Common Entrance, stage 2 of the grammar school selections tests, or even the SATS writing assessment.


Our courses can help with all of these – and also help your child’s writing to improve, in general, just in time for secondary school.


Online Writing Courses for Children - for the 11 Plus, Common Entrance and SATs Preparation

Independent School and grammar school test preparation


If your child is preparing for their independent school exams, or the second stage of a grammar school test, you’ll know that creative writing is a huge part of their English paper mark.



Independent (private) and grammar schools are looking for children who can demonstrate maturity in their writing and if your child doesn’t have the necessary skills and knowledge, their chance of getting offered a place at their school of choice is slim.


Online Writing Courses for Children - for the 11 Plus, Common Entrance and SATs Preparation


SATS assessments



With the SATs, your child will be assessed over a period of time for their writing ability. This is something that may not be discussed with you in the formal sense – schools usually focus on preparing students and parents for the exams in May.



However, all of this information will be sent to your child’s secondary school, so it it is important to get them working at the right level.




Frequently Asked Questions


What writing courses are available?


There are a few:

1. Geek School Creative Writing Crash Course
2.  Perfect English Writing and Grammar Course 
3. English Comprehension Course 


We have other courses available as well, including our Independent School Interview Course, so please take a look at our sister site, for more details.

What year groups are the courses for?

Years 4, 5, 6 and key stage 3 students who are preparing for the 13 Plus. 

when it comes to producing an outstanding essay, the principles are the same, but the marking will reflect the year group and exam your child is preparing for.

What is the difference between the Crash Course and the Weekly Course

One thing – the Geek School Creative Writing Crash Course gives access to the entire course, which means your child can finish it at their own pace. This means the course can be finished quicker than the weekly course. If your child is very close to writing an exam, The Crash Course is likely to be the best of the courses because time is probably a lot more limited.

The Geek School Weekly Creative Writing Course is delivered on a weekly basis. So, there is no instant access to the course.

Will my child be given homework?

Your child will get 14 writing tasks (12 compulsory assignments and two optional) to complete with each module in the Creative Writing Course. After watching an instructional video, all he or she will need to do is write it on A4 lined paper.

How is the feedback for the homework given?

A detailed explanation of areas of improvement. The detail provided here is usually in written form. Sometimes, however, I record the marking on video, so that your child gets a visual explanation of what they have done well and how to make improvements in areas they are weaker in. It is like looking over the shoulder of a tutor or class teacher and works very effectively

Are there any online calls like Skype with this?

The Creative Writing Crash Course is like having an online tutor without scheduled Skype or video calls. It is not a proofreading service – your child will learn how to write effective essays, and all the feedback from their homework is individual to them.

What is expected of the child’s writing?

Work that is illegible, incomplete or has not used the guidance from previous feedback will be sent back to be redone. This means that your child will be encouraged to produce their best work and think about what he or she produces, which is why they do so well with when they take The Creative Writing Crash Course!