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Creative Writing Task Countdown Timer – Perfect for 11 Plus Preparation

Timing is crucial when it comes to scoring highly in the the 11 Plus creative writing task – for both grammar and independent school exams.

Typically, children are given anything from 20 minutes to 50 minutes to produce an excellent piece of writing that follows the instruction of the question (descriptive writing, a report, a letter etc). The average time for the writing task is 30 minutes, however.

There’s no such thing as too much practice! In fact, one of the main areas of concern that many parents (and students!) raise is not being able to finish the writing take in time – or not being able to come up with ideas for the writing in the timeframe given

If this sounds like your child, one way to overcome this is to do more writing – and use a timer! At Geek School Tutoring, you will find our centres littered with the kitchen-style timers. We get them from the pound shop of Ikea – and they work!

Your child should also get used to using a analogue wristwatch – you won’t be there with them in the real exam, so the sooner they get used to managing their own time, the better!

Use our exam ambience timer to help your child write within the usual 30-minute timeframe. There is also a timer for the plan included as well.

Would you like to get some experienced and results-driven support for your child’s creative writing? At Geek School Tutoring, we have a whole range of options available:

One of our longstanding courses for the busy 11 Plus student who needs the guidance and marking – fast! Out Creative Writing Crash Course is produced by managing director of Geek School Tutoring, Joycellyn Akuffo, journalist and founder of the business.

The lessons are delivered in video form – and so is the marking. Your child will get the benefit of seeing their work marked live on video with commentary and feedback on what to improve etc. Well worth it’s one-off payment in gold!

If you are looking for live and online lessons to help your child improve their writing, why not register your child for our Write and Bloom lessons. The sessions are monthly and cover the harder areas of creative writing – report writing, descriptive writing, recount writing and so on.

The Write and Broom lessons are online and they have small group sizes of up to six children. This produces a great dynamic of ideas sharing, with groups that are small enough for your child to get targeted attention where needed.

Homework is set and marked every week, just like having a lesson in house at one of the Geek School Tutoring centres.

Book your child onto the Tuesday or Saturday session.

If you are lucky enough to be near one of our venues and would like to bring your child into one of our centres for either small group sessions, or one-to-one lessons, please get in touch. Call or send us a message on WhatsApp to 02086583239.