Christmas English Booster Classes for Independent School Exams

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With just a short time left until the independent school exams in January, many children would benefit from having some support during the Christmas period, so they don’t start to lose the knowledge that has been acquired during the year!

Traditionally, this is another time in the year when everyone takes a break, including tutors. But with all that’s happened with the global pandemic, we are doing everything possible to help our students stay on track for success – even during the Christmas period.



What Does the Course Cover?


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Some parents have asked us for a booster session during the Christmas period, and for the very first time, mainly due to the effects of this unprecedented time, Geek School Tutoring will be running a Christmas English Booster session, during which children will work through the following:


  1. English comprehension papers
  2. Writing task
  3. Grammar rules booster


During each of the five, hour-long, online sessions, students will work through difficult parts of sample papers and discuss them in small groups of up to 3 children.


How the Course Works



  1. Register your child
  2. Access the first sample paper in Google Classroom for completion before the first session.
  3. Work is marked before the session and returned to the student.
  4. The sample paper is reviewed during the online session, with a particular focus on any areas of difficulty that are highlighted during marking – ahead of the online lesson.

Once registered, students will gain access to a Google Classroom area, which contains the papers to be reviewed in the lessons. Lessons will have a taught element, but all papers will need to be submitted online before its corresponding session so that the completed paper can be marked ahead of the online lesson, ready for group discussion.


Dates of the Christmas Independent School Booster Course



  1. Monday 21st December 2020
  2. Wednesday 23rd December 2020
  3. Monday 28th December 2020
  4. Wednesday 30th December 2020
  5. Saturday 2nd January 2020





Group 1: 5pm on the dates listed above

Group 2: 6pm on the dates listed above

Please note that if you select 5pm, your child will need to stay within that group for all dates; if 6pm is selected, the same will be required for all dates.


Cost: £80

Group size: 3 children


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