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A Year Until the 11 Plus Exam: How to Prepare a Child in Year 5 For the 11 Plus Exams.

If you’ve stumbled on this post then chances are you’re looking for ideas on how to prepare your child for the 11 Plus with just under a year till they sit their grammar school and independent school exams. Chances are, you are wanting to find the best way of getting your child to the place they need to be in order to excel in their upcoming 11 Plus exams. 

If maths prep is what you’re looking for, then the guide above will be useful in getting your child’s 11 Plus maths revision underway.

Of course, the 11 Plus exams are for both English and Maths, but in order to get ahead, and to do so in an organised and gradual fashion, we propose having a deadline you are working towards. As a way of combating the lack of preparation spiel of ‘if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’, today we’ll provide you with a plan to set you in a comfortable position, journeying from prep to practice.

Below we have a month by month timeline of the steps you should take and the material you should be covering as the exam dates are approaching.

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Months 4 to 6

As this is near the halfway mark towards the exams, your focus should be on strengthening your child’s area of weakness. This could include Bond puzzle books and assessments (the ones relevant to your child’s age group), spelling lists, and reading books that increase your child’s word bank. You can also take a look at Geek School Tutoring’s Vital Words Dictionary, which is jam-packed with synonyms and antonyms that appear in 11 Plus exams.

In doing as much of the groundwork as possible to fill in your child’s gaps in knowledge, you should also make an effort to revise your child’s learning plan and make adjustments if and where necessary. Preparation must be flexible and not rigid to ensure that your child is learning.

Months 7 to 9

This is where you are about halfway to the exams, so this is a great time to introduce the strict exam timings to the learning regimen and to your child’s practice of the Bond Assessments paper. Again, you should be checking over your child’s learning plan at this time and making adjustments if need be.

Months 10 to 12

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At this time, the exam will be just a few weeks away, and your child will be best prepared by you tightening up the exam timings, bitesize chunks of revision (this may be for 10 minutes at a time,) with you asking them to recite what they know. This is also the time where you should be using the bond assessment papers to help your child get used to the exam style and conditions too.

At Geek School, we offer various tailored lessons to help your child not just pass, but to excel in their 11 Plus exams and learn the foundational requirements of excelling in their work for their future!

If you are interested in learning more and easing the pressure of having to prepare them all by yourself, then get in touch to get started.

Remember – don’t keep all these nuggets to yourself, share them with a friend or another parent who you know is also looking to prepare their child for their 11 Plus exams.