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A strong foundation in maths and English is essential for academic success, and most of those foundations are laid in primary school.

Geek School Tutoring is known for empowering children to reach their true and full potential. Children learn to love learning when they start with us – and this is especially important for children in their primary school years.

English, Maths and
11 Plus

Geek School provides tuition at primary level in:

  • Maths and English for SATs.
  • Maths, English (which includes creative writing), verbal and non-verbal reasoning tutoring for the 11 Plus exams. This covers both grammar and independent schools.

If you discover that your child is lagging behind, or doesn’t seem to have a good grasp in maths and/or English, primary school is the best time to ensure that they develop these core skills.

Whether you plan for them to reach the national targets in the SATs, or if you want them to prepare for 11 Plus exams, Geek School Tutoring can help.

What We

We offer a wide range of excellent tuition options, including:

  1. Term-time courses in small groups of up to six or individual tuition.
  2. Holiday courses (the 11 Plus Intensive during the Easter and Summer holidays).

We also provide one-to-one tuition in maths and English, but our preferred method of delivery is in small groups, as this has many benefits not afforded to one-to-one tuition. We find that children are easily motivated and get a confidence boost when working in small groups, and they also develop a healthy sense of competition which encourages them to work at harder.

For us, we have up to six children in small groups, which is a healthy number. It means that the group is small enough for individual attention, but not so big that children get left behind.

An assessment will be required before students can join our primary group sessions; we also prefer to undertake an assessment before one-to-one tuition is booked.

Book an

Before we start tuition lessons, it is important that we can get a good understanding of each child’s knowledge so that your child’s lessons are planned appropriately. Please use the following links to book an assessment with us.

You can book an assessment online (if you will be using our online tuition); or book the assessment at one of our venues (the Beckenham or Catford centres).

Request an Online Assessment for Online Tuition

Book an Assessment at Geek School Tutoring – Catford Centre

Book an Assessment at Geek School Tutoring – Beckenham Centre