A Comprehensive Guide to the 11 Exam in Kent – Medway Test

Medway Test

Having spent a decade assisting families and guiding children through the intricate maze of the 11 Plus exams, we have garnered a wealth of insights into each region’s specific requirements and nuances. The Medway Test, with its rich academic tradition, is no exception.

In this guide, we will help you understand the Medway exams, the grammar schools in the county and how to effectively prepare your child for these competitive exams.

List of Grammar Schools in Medway

In the Kent–Medway region, there are six grammar schools that require students to excel in the 11 Plus exam to gain admission:

  • Holcombe Grammar School
  • Rainham Mark Grammar School
  • Chatham Grammar School for Girls
  • Fort Pitt Grammar School
  • Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School
  • The Rochester Grammar School

The Medway Test 11 Plus Exam Structure

All grammar schools in Medway adhere to a uniform exam format. The assessment, known as the Medway Test, crafted by the renowned GL Assessment, comprises three distinct papers. Here’s a brief overview of each subject:

  • Mathematics: A rigorous test of numerical skills and logical reasoning.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Evaluates a student’s ability to understand and reason using words.
  • Extended Writing: Assesses a student’s proficiency in written communication.
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Strategising Your Child’s 11 Plus Preparation for the Medway Test

Every child’s journey to 11 Plus success is unique, and understanding the available preparation routes is paramount.

  • Early Starters (Year Three or Four): If your child is currently in year three or four, it’s the perfect time to lay a solid foundation. I’ve curated specific advice for parents at this stage to gently introduce their children to the 11 Plus concepts.
  • Midway Preparation (Late Year Four or Year Five): For those who are a bit closer to the exam date, I offer tailored strategies to improve your child’s 11 Plus exam preparation, ensuring every topic is covered comprehensively.
  • Final Push (Mid to Late Year Five): Fear not if the exam is near. I’ve devised intensive preparation techniques to make the most of the time available, ensuring your child is exam-ready.

Remember, every child’s learning journey is unique. With the right guidance, dedication, and strategy, success in the 11 Plus Exam is within reach.

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