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Navigating the educational landscape for your child can be both an exciting and daunting task. We understand the weight of the decisions you’re making and the aspirations you hold for your child’s future. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to grammar schools in the UK and a list of grammar schools we have tailored specifically for discerning parents like you.

This curated list provides a detailed overview of some of the most prestigious grammar schools across various regions, from the bustling heart of London to the scenic landscapes of Kent. Each school is accompanied by its specific location, gender intake, and a direct link to its admissions guidance, ensuring parents and guardians have all the essential information at their fingertips.

Grammar Schools in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide and Grammar School List

How many grammar schools are in the UK?

As of 2023, there are approximately 163 grammar schools in the UK.

What are the types of grammar schools?

Grammar schools in the UK can be categorized based on various criteria:

  1. By Gender:
  • Boys’ Grammar Schools: Schools that admit only male students.
  • Girls’ Grammar Schools: Schools that admit only female students.
  • Mixed Grammar Schools: Schools that admit both male and female students.
  1. By Admission Process:
  • Selective Grammar Schools: Schools that admit students based on an entrance examination, often known as the 11+ exam.
  • Non-selective Grammar Schools: While rare, these schools admit students without an entrance examination.
  1. By Funding:
  • State-funded Grammar Schools: These schools are funded by the government and do not charge tuition fees.
  • Private Grammar Schools: These are independent schools that charge tuition fees.

What makes a school a grammar school?

A grammar school is a type of secondary school that admits students based on academic ability, typically determined by an entrance examination known as the 11+ exam. The primary focus of grammar schools is to provide an academically rigorous education, preparing students for higher education and professional careers. Historically, grammar schools were schools that taught Latin, but over time, their focus shifted to general academic excellence.

Are there any disadvantages to attending a grammar school?

While grammar schools offer an academically challenging environment, they might not be suitable for every student. Some potential disadvantages include increased academic pressure, limited focus on vocational subjects, and a potentially competitive environment. It’s essential to consider your child’s individual needs and temperament when deciding on a grammar school.

Do grammar schools offer scholarships or financial aid?

Many grammar schools, especially private ones, offer scholarships based on academic merit, talents in areas like music or sports, or financial need. It’s advisable to check with individual schools about their scholarship programs and financial aid options.

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List of Grammar Schools – Region By Region

In this section, you will be able to look at the list of grammar schools in your region or close to you.

Please note that you can apply to grammar schools in different regions, but there are some schools that have a restriction on proximity, so if you want to apply to different schools in the region, you usually can.

List of Grammar Schools in Bexley

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Beths Grammar SchoolBexleyBoysAdmissions Guidance
Bexley Grammar SchoolWellingMixedAdmissions Guidance
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar SchoolSidcupMixedAdmissions Guidance
Townley Grammar SchoolBexleyheathGirlsAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Sutton

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Nonsuch High School for GirlsCheamGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Sutton Grammar School for BoysSuttonBoysAdmissions Guidance
Wallington County Grammar SchoolWallingtonBoysAdmissions Guidance
Wallington High School for GirlsWallingtonGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Wilson’s SchoolWallingtonBoysAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Medway

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Holcombe Grammar SchoolChathamBoysAdmissions Guidance
Chatham Grammar School for GirlsChathamGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Fort Pitt Grammar SchoolChathamGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Rainham Mark Grammar SchoolRainhamMixedAdmissions Guidance
Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical SchoolRochesterBoysAdmissions Guidance
Rochester Grammar SchoolRochesterGirlsAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Kent

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Barton Court Grammar SchoolCanterburyMixedAdmissions Guidance
Borden Grammar SchoolSittingbourneBoysAdmissions Guidance
Chatham and Clarendon Grammar SchoolRamsgateMixedAdmissions Guidance
Cranbrook SchoolCranbrookMixedAdmissions Guidance
Dane Court Grammar SchoolBroadstairsMixedAdmissions Guidance
Dartford Grammar SchoolDartfordBoysAdmissions Guidance
Dartford Grammar School for GirlsDartfordGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Dover Grammar School for BoysDoverBoysAdmissions Guidance
Dover Grammar School for GirlsDoverGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Folkestone School for GirlsFolkestoneGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Gravesend Grammar SchoolGravesendBoysAdmissions Guidance
Mayfield Grammar SchoolGravesendGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Harvey Grammar SchoolFolkestoneBoysAdmissions Guidance
Highsted Grammar SchoolSittingbourneGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Highworth Grammar School for GirlsAshfordGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Invicta Grammar SchoolMaidstoneGirlsAdmissions Guidance
The Judd SchoolTonbridgeBoysAdmissions Guidance
Maidstone Grammar SchoolMaidstoneBoysAdmissions Guidance
Maidstone Grammar School for GirlsMaidstoneGirlsAdmissions Guidance
The Norton Knatchbull SchoolAshfordBoysAdmissions Guidance
Oakwood Park Grammar SchoolMaidstoneBoysAdmissions Guidance
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar SchoolFavershamMixedAdmissions Guidance
Simon Langton Grammar School for BoysCanterburyBoysAdmissions Guidance
Simon Langton Grammar School for GirlsCanterburyGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Sir Roger Manwood’s SchoolSandwichMixedAdmissions Guidance
The Skinners’ SchoolTunbridge WellsBoysAdmissions Guidance
Tonbridge Grammar SchoolTonbridgeGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar SchoolTunbridge WellsGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for BoysTunbridge WellsBoysAdmissions Guidance
Weald of Kent Grammar SchoolTonbridgeGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Wilmington Grammar School for BoysWilmingtonBoysAdmissions Guidance
Wilmington Grammar School for GirlsWilmingtonGirlsAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Bromley

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Newstead Wood SchoolOrpingtonGirlsAdmissions Guidance
St Olave’s & St Saviour’s Grammar SchoolOrpingtonBoysAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Enfield

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
The Latymer SchoolEdmontonMixedAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Redbridge

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Ilford County High SchoolBarkingsideBoysAdmissions Guidance
Woodford County High SchoolWoodford GreenGirlsAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Barnet

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Henrietta Barnett SchoolHampstead Garden SuburbGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for BoysBarnetBoysAdmissions Guidance
St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar SchoolNorth FinchleyGirlsAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Kingston Upon Thames

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Tiffin Girls’ SchoolKingston upon ThamesGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Tiffin SchoolKingston upon ThamesBoysAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Essex

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Chelmsford County High School for GirlsChelmsfordGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Colchester County High School for GirlsColchesterGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Colchester Royal Grammar SchoolColchesterBoysAdmissions Guidance
King Edward VI Grammar SchoolChelmsfordBoysAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Southend-on-Sea

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Southend High School for BoysSouthend-on-SeaBoysAdmissions Guidance
Southend High School for GirlsSouthend-on-SeaGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Westcliff High School for BoysWestcliff-on-SeaBoysAdmissions Guidance
Westcliff High School for GirlsWestcliff-on-SeaGirlsAdmissions Guidance

List of Grammar Schools in Buckinghamshire

School NameLocationGenderAdmissions Guidance
Aylesbury Grammar SchoolAylesburyBoysAdmissions Guidance
Aylesbury High SchoolAylesburyGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Beaconsfield High SchoolBeaconsfieldGirlsAdmissions Guidance
Burnham Grammar SchoolBurnhamMixedAdmissions Guidance
Chesham Grammar SchoolCheshamMixedAdmissions Guidance
Dr Challoner’s Grammar SchoolAmershamBoysAdmissions Guidance
Dr Challoner’s High SchoolLittle ChalfontGirlsAdmissions Guidance
John Hampden Grammar SchoolHigh WycombeBoysAdmissions Guidance
Royal Grammar SchoolHigh WycombeBoysAdmissions Guidance
Royal Latin SchoolBuckinghamMixedAdmissions Guidance
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar SchoolAylesburyMixedAdmissions Guidance
Sir William Borlase’s Grammar SchoolMarlowMixedAdmissions Guidance
Wycombe High SchoolHigh WycombeGirlsAdmissions Guidance

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