20 Free Creative Writing Prompts to Encourage Your Child’s Desire to Write Imaginatively

School girl drawing and writing a picture with crayons, using colored pencils
  • Are you a parent struggling to motivate your child to write creatively – we have 20 free creative writing prompts for you.
  • Maybe you’re a teacher looking for fun prompts you can use with your students to get them thinking imaginatively, then this post will be helpful to you.

We’ve put together a list of 20 free creative prompts which will help to kickstart or at least encourage your child’s inner writer! Feel free to share with a friend or a parent you think may also benefit from these prompts.

beautiful schoolgirl listens to a song in the headphones. The co


What’s your favourite song? Write about how this song makes you feel.

Tree and small treehouse in backyard against blue sky. Happy childhood in countryside concept


Your dad has finally built you your own treehouse in the garden, but before allowing your friends in, they have to know the rules. Write a list of 10 rules your friends will need to know before they can enter your new treehouse.



If you could be famous for something, absolutely anything, what would it be for?



Write about a story where you had a pair of magical gloves.

The texture of a metal wall or a surface of corrugated metal with invisible light sources that


Imagine that you and your best friend were invisible for a day. How would you spend this day?

Superheroes Cheerful Kids Expressing Positivity Concept


Write a story starting with the words: “I can be anything I want to be. Now it’s your turn.”

Little schoolgirl reads a book. Back to school. The concept of education, school, childhood


How did you spend your summer holiday during the lockdown?

Little girls making wishes


If you could speak to a genie and make three wishes, what wishes would you make?

Smiling kid looking at camera in front of blackboard


Let’s say you could be the teacher for a day, and your teachers were the students, what would you do differently?

Traveling to the world


If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?

beautiful schoolgirl listens to a song in the headphones. The co


Imagine that you own your own sandwich shop, and you need to make a new, delicious sandwich. What toppings would you include in this sandwich?

Child eating orange


What is your least favourite food and why?

Green pea soup food photography recipe idea


How could you improve your least favourite food and make it more delicious?

Afternoon tea


Imagine the Queen invited you to lunch at Buckingham Palace. What topics of conversation do you think you would want to talk with her about. What questions do you think you would ask her?

Laughing little brother and sister watching videos before bedtime


Write a review on the last show or YouTube video you watched.

Two children in fancy dress, wearing crowns.


If you could be a character from any book, who would you be and why?

Happy children playing in the park at the sunset time.


Write about the last time you went to the park and what you did when you got there.



You are the zookeeper at the zoo, and you notice that one of the giraffes has gone missing. How would you go about finding the thief? 

House on the Isle of Lewis


Write about a house by the seaside that contains treasure.

Children ride a bike for a walk in the park.


Write about the first time you were able to ride your bike on your own.

While this list is non-exhaustive, it is our hope that you were able to draw some inspiration to spark the inner writer in your child or student.

More Creative Writing Prompts and Writing Tools

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If these prompts have been of any help, why not share them with another parent, teacher or friend who too can benefit from these prompts, use the share button below!

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