Are you looking for an 11 Plus creative writing tutor?

11 Plus Creative Writing Tuition

While we provide lessons for creative writing in our Beckenham and Catford centres, we get contacted by parents from all over the country, asking for 11 Plus creative writing tuition. The Geek School Creative Writing Crash Course is designed to help children develop their creative writing skills.

Creative writing is an essential part of most independent school exams; as well as some of the 11 Plus grammar school exams such as those by Sutton, Kent and Essex counties.

The 11 Plus has become increasingly competitive over the years, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that children who are preparing for those exams have the best chance of exam success.

By equipping our students with the exact literary techniques that examiners are looking for, so they have a massive advantage over rival students.

Why children need help with their creative writing

Most families don’t know how to help their children with creative writing. Having a child write story after story won’t help them to improve much – they need real guidance. 

Primary school class sizes have reached the highest record, and it is unfeasible to expect teachers to have enough time to give every child the attention to detail they need to raise their standard high enough for the 11 Plus exams.

This Creative Writing Crash Course helps children to develop the skills that are necessary to attain the highest marks in their 11 Plus writing tasks.

Are you looking for an 11 Plus creative writing tutor?

The course helps children to understand how to:

  • Plan stories and write them correctly.
  • Generate story ideas, even when the topic isn’t their interest;
  • Ensure their writing entails all the essentials that attract the most marks (it isn’t the plot!);
  • Write simple stories that have excellent descriptions, vocabulary and use literary techniques is where their focus should be.
  • Develop a bank of descriptions, so the bulk of their creativity is done before they enter the exam room – without memorising descriptions to their detriment;
  • Check their writing effectively.

The Geek School Tutoring Creative Writing Crash Course Course covers the writing curriculum better than any book could hope to. It is practical and had tailored feedback for each child, and has been proven to be very useful in helping children improve their writing skills.

By the end, many children find that their stories have gone through a very major step-change for the better.

When should children do the course?

  • Children who are preparing for a grammar school selection tests should start in the summer term of Year 4 so they can easily slot the writing homework into the other work they are doing without feeling pressured.
  • For children who are preparing for independent school exams, starting in the summer of Year 5 (or once school goes back in September of Year 6) will give enough time to c the work before the exams in January. The Creative Writing Crash Course and the English Comprehension Course are ideal.
  • For children who are preparing for SATs KS2 Test, the Creative Writing Crash Course, the English Comprehension Course and the English Grammar courses can be started at any time from the summer term in Year 5 onwards.
  • The course is probably too advanced for children in Year 4 unless they are very bright.
  • Children who use this course fully will see a significant improvement in their creative writing ability.
11 Plus Creative Writing Tutor

Course length

  • The Creative Writing Crash Course has 12 parts, for the 12 different writing tasks that are present in the 11 Plus exams. Each part consists of videos and printables to help your child get to grips with what that particular writing task requires. It should take a week for each part, but it can be done more intensively, with two writing parts, if necessary.

How is the course delivered?

  • Once purchased, you gain immediate access to the course directly from the website.
  • Children are expected to watch 90% of each video before they can continue to the next module. This is to stop children from missing out the videos, which are an essential teaching element of the Creative Writing Crash Course, 
  • All writing must be handwritten on paper. We do this because children learn best when using a paper and pen – and because all schools currently require the writing task to be written on paper.
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