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11 Plus Mock Test: Writing Task

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Are you a parent of a child preparing for an 11 Plus exam?
The mock tests are perfect for children who are preparing for:
  • Stage 2 of grammar school tests (for example the Sutton County grammar tests), and other grammar school tests that incorporate creative writing in their exams (such as Medway selection tests and the CSSE exams).
  • Independent school exams - most independent (private) schools have a writing task as part of their English paper. This typically lasts for about 25-30 minutes and can cover a whole range of writing tasks.
  • Perfect for children sitting the 11 Plus and 10 Plus exams in a few weeks or months - Stage 1 and grammar and independent school selection tests.
School children filling test blank at exam

Why you should choose our creative writing mock test

  • Is your child preparing for a grammar school or an independent (private) school exam soon?
  • Are you worried that your child's essays will be a let down in their 11 plus exams?
  • Does your child struggle to get inspiration for story writing ideas?
  • Does your child have a poor grasp of spelling, punctuation and grammar?

Writing isn’t covered nearly as much in schools as other parts of the curriculum; and if your child attends a state school, the focus will be on preparing your child for the SATs in Year 6 – not grammar or independent school exams. 

So, the creative writing mock test will give you a snapshot of your child’s writing ability, along with detailed feedback on what they need to improve on in order to improve their chances of success in the 11 Plus exams.   

We have worked with hundreds of children over the years, so it is much easier for us to benchmark your child’s work against the rest of the competition – which means you can take out the guessing of whether your child’s work is up to the relevant standard or not!

Apart from the fact that this is an online course – and we know how much children love technology these days – it’s written by someone who knows what your child is going through.

All the Geek School Tutoring courses are written and developed by managing director and journalist  Joycellyn Akuffo. With more than a decade’s experience of preparing children for the 11 Plus exams at grammar and top independent schools in the country, and even more than that working on some of the UK’s top consumer and business magazines and websites, Joycellyn relishes nothing more than to see children find their natural writing voice and gain confidence to produce their best works in their exams and schoolwork.

Expert 11 Plus tuition provider

If you have come across our website from an internet search, you may be wondering if we are genuine – we are.

You can call or send us a WhatsApp message us to discuss your child’s needs at any time.

Have a look at our YouTube channel as well, where there is plethora of free tips and advice on the 11 Plus preparation process!

How our creative mock test process works

Once you register your child for the mock test, you will receive our Mock Test Handbook for the 11 Plus Writing Task’, which contains 12 writing tasks.


Your child only needs to complete one for us to mark, so you get the remaining 11 writing tasks for practice at home!

Are you unsure about the writing level your child is working at?

Our 11 Plus Creative Writing Mock Test will provide invaluable feedback to help your child on their 11 Plus journey.

Frequently asked questions

What age or year group is the mock test for?

11 Plus mock tests are best taken as close to the exam as possible - so year 6 is the ideal age group. However, if your child is preparing for the 10 Plus exam, this is mock test is also suitable.

How long do I wait for the feedback?

We aim to send the feedback back within 72 hours, if the work is submitted Monday to Friday. If the work is submitted on a weekend, the timing commences from the following Monday.

Can I purchase more than one mock test?

Yes - but it is better to get the feedback from each marking first, so that you can see your child's progression.

How is the feedback delivered?

The feedback is marked electronically, and recorded on video, so your child can see and hear the corrections and recommendations for improvement - as if they were looking over the shoulder of a tutor marking their work.

Published by Joycellyn Akuffo

Managing director of Geek School Tutoring.