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At Geek School Tutoring, we are passionate about helping children and their parents get through the plethora of knowledge for the 11-Plus and all things education. We are always looking for new ways to support our students and those who are just too far to reach us.

We will keep you informed of any new products, but in the meantime, we have the following:

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Resources for Increasing Vocabulary

Geek School Shop - resources for the 11 Plus exams

1. 11 Plus Vital Words Dictionary: https://www.geekschool.co.uk/product/11plus-cem-verbal-reasoning-synonyms-and-antonyms-guide/

2. 11 Plus Grammar Dictionary: https://www.geekschool.co.uk/product/11-plus-grammar-dictionary-for-cem-gl-and-independent-school-exams/

3. Common Prefixes, Suffixes and roots: https://www.geekschool.co.uk/product/common-prefixes-suffixes-and-roots-guide-for-sats-11-plus-and-vocabulary-confidence/

Posters to Help with Creative Writing and Vocabulary

1. 100 Commonly Misspelled Words: https://www.geekschool.co.uk/product/100-commonly-misspelled-words-instant-download/

2. 100 Ways to Say ‘Said’:

3. 100 Ways to Say ‘Sad’:

4. 100 Ways to Say ‘Big’:

5. 100 Ways to Say ‘Nice’:

100 Ways to Say 'Nice' A2 Poster

6. FREE maths worksheet generator for you to try.


There are many more products that will be release in the next few days, so please do save (bookmark) the link!