100 Commonly Misspelled Words A4 Poster – Instant Download



When it comes to English spelling, it can get a little confusing. Some words are spelled phonetically (as they sound) and others aren’t! The English language is full of so many foibles and uniquenesses! It’s little wonder that many children make common spelling mistakes (adults do, too!).

This A4 poster of 100 commonly misspelled words will serve as a great point of reference for children who are not as confident with their spellings as they should be, and for those who need a clear reminder to reference when required.

The poster is perfect for children of all ages – from primary (Key Stage 2) and even throughout secondary (Key Stage 3 and even GCSE) – there is no age limit!

Geek School’s 100 Commonly Misspelled Words A4 poster, is downloadable and is presented in one neat poster, so your child will have a quick-reference list to look at, without a cumbersome dictionary (although this can never replace one!).

Download the poster instantly once payment has been made. Print it and put it on the fridge or wherever you like!


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