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The 11 Plus Application Deadlines: Don’t Miss Out!

If I had a pound for every parent who got in touch with Geek School Tutoring about the 11 Plus when the deadlines had passed, I’d have enough to sip on my favourite beverage (toffee latté to be precise!) for at least a a fortnight out of the year.

There is literally next to no excuse you can give when you haven’t registered your child on time. So it’s crucial to do your research – preferably in Year 4, so your child doesn’t miss out.

If you’re targeting grammar schools in Bexley, Kent, Bromley (St Olaves and Newstead Wood) or the Sutton grammar schools, you need to make to register your child no later than July – there are different dates for every county, so visit their websites for more information. You will complete this registration the your child is in Year 5 – and your child will write the 11 Plus in September of Year 6! It’s a lot earlier than most parents expect.

Watch this video to get a heads up on the grammar and independent school deadlines. Please share with someone who could benefit as well!