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Spelling Lists Do Not Improve Spelling and Vocabulary – Plus Special Announcement!

The problem with spelling lists and weekly spelling tests is that children do not learn the correct spelling to use in their writing when they just learn lists of words without any explanation. Every week, children who are given these dry and mundane spelling lists learn the words for the test and then immediately forget how to spell the words. You can test this theory by doing a random spelling test with your child, using any of the words from recent spelling tests. The chances are, there will be many mistakes – even on words your child got correct in the actual spelling test!

Why Don’t Spelling Lists and Spelling Tests Work?

Male teacher teaching bored girl in classroom

While learning the intricacies of spelling in any language can be challenging, there are spelling patterns and conventions in the English language (along with lots of exceptions!). This is why simply giving a weekly list of words with no rhyme or reason for children to learn by rote every week does not suit children’s learning needs – it also does not improve their spelling or vocabulary.\

Apart froths, there is a lack of much-needed repetition in practicing the spellings learnt. As we all know, most schools send a different list of words home every week and simply keep adding new words every week. There is often a lack of revision of those words spelt.

In this video, I explain how you can help your child improve their spelling – you will also be interested to find out more about the Geek Worms Subscription Club (www.geekschool.co.uk/geekwormsclub) which I have created to help children with their spelling a very unique and unusual way!

The Geek Worms Club Subscription Box!

After lots of research, planning and even more research and planning, the Geek Worms Club Subscription box is ready! Find out more!