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11-plus mock tests for the kent and bexley exams

Should your Child Sit an 11 Plus Mock Test?

Taking an 11 Plus mock test is a crucial part the preparation process for most children because it provides the experience of sitting an 11 Plus exam in an unfamiliar place, working among their peer group.

Taking an 11 Plus mock test also exposes children to working within exam conditions, in particular working to time and under instruction.

11 Plus mock tests can also help children overcome any nerves and anxiety they have before they take an 11 Plus exam.

The mock tests are also a good way for parents to gauge the performance of their child against their peer groups, in a larger number than just based on their tutor’s experience or working in isolation at home.

In the following video, you will get a more detailed explanation of 11 Plus mock tests and the reasons why your child should sit at least one before the grammar or independent school exams.