Preparing Your Child For Private School Interviews

Preparing your child for the private school interview

Preparing your child for private school interviews is a must. Preparing the right questions can make all of what’s ahead seem less daunting and scary, which will help ensure success!

Private (independent) schools are looking for children who will fit in well with their student population. To help prepare your child for the inevitable independent school interview, there are a few things you can do before the interview so that your child can enjoy the process and come out successfully!

The school interview is a crucial part of the private school admissions process. All potential students at state-run schools are not allowed to be interviewed, but it’s an integral part of the process for those interested in attending an independent or boarding programme – and they can even affect your child’s chances of getting accepted!

Many parents get nervous about these private school interviews (understandably) because there’s no telling what your child might say or do during the interview – after all we’re only human.

If your child is (understandably) nervous about being asked questions by an admissions officer or teacher at any point during the independent school interviews then try some deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques before the big day.

Do Some Private Interview Question Preparation Before the Big Day!

One tip: have an interview list ready so there are no surprises when it the time comes to answering questions. There are only so many possibilities where independent school interviews are concerned – which is a good thing! You can have a look at our free list of interview questions.

Geek School Tutoring’s Independent School Interview Video Course

You can also register your child for our Independent School Interview video course, which is short, but effective – and comes with a booklet of 100 private school interview questions, used by top independent schools in England.

Preparing Your Child For Private School Interviews
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