Are you in a panic about your child’s 11 Plus maths scores?

11 plus maths

This time of year, Geek School gets many calls from panicked parents who are looking for a summer tutor – and mostly because their child has failed miserably or not reached a good standard in the 11 Plus maths mock paper. With just a handful of weeks left before children sit the real exam, it’s understandable.

Children usually slip up on the same issues with their 11 Plus maths

Is your child struggling with their 11 Plus mathsAfter a number of years of preparing children for the 11 Plus, and with great success in schools in Kent and Bexley (St Olaves, Newstead Woods School, Chiselhurst and Sidcup, Dartford Grammar and Beths Grammar), not to mention even more private schools, a simple assessment with these children highlights the same problems in their approach to maths questions. There are usually just a cluster of issues of which some children usually have to correct one or two or all.

‘Boost you Child’s 11 Plus Scores by 20%’ is our new guide that aims to give parents the insight into these issues so that the final push during the summer will help children reach the necessary standards for their 11 Plus maths.

Did you know that 50% isn’t a pass mark in the 11 Plus maths score?

If you’ve tried everything to help your child achieve a mark in the 85-90% range or higher and can’t see any improvement, don’t panic. There are some fundamental steps you’ll need to take to bridge the gap between low scores and the higher scores they need to reach for a chance of succeeding in the 11 Plus tests. These techniques are all outlined in the ‘Boost your Child’s 11-Plus Scores by 20%‘ guide. The guide also includes a list of maths topics that are covered in the 11-Plus tests, so you can work through them topic by topic, ensuring that your child is well prepared.

A good tutor may well have gone through most or all of these maths topics, but the technique detailed in this guide is unique to Geek School, based on individual assessments of almost 200 children and is tried and tested twice a year in the 11 Plus Intensive Course run during the Easter and Summer holidays.

Find out more about theBoost your Child’s 11-Plus Scores by 20%’ and order your copy – there is a huge limited discount.

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