Online Reading Clubs Are Changing the Game for Young Minds – And Reducing The Guilt and Stress For Parents!

We receive weekly enquiries from concerned parents regarding their child’s reading abilities, the lack of enthusiasm for reading, or the concerning and low standard of their reading. Are digital distractions always triumph over seemingly mundane reading materials?

If your child lacks interest in reading, displays a strong aversion towards it, or struggles with comprehending more advanced texts, your presence here indicates that you seek quick assistance. The solution lies in harnessing the transformative power of a specific type of reading support.

Tackling the ‘Right’ Book Dilemma

Finding the ‘right’ books for your child can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Enter our online reading clubs (Geek Readers Club), the perfect solution to this common parenting predicament. They offer an expertly curated digital bookshelf with hundreds of children’s classics tailored for young minds in years 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The Magic of a Digital Bookshelf

Online Reading Clubs Are Changing the Game for Young Minds - And Reducing The Guilt and Stress For Parents!

In a rapidly digitising world, the concept of a bookshelf has undergone a significant makeover. Online reading clubs like our Geek Readers Bookshelf embrace this transformation, providing an expansive digital bookshelf. This innovative approach ensures your child can always access many enriching and age-appropriate content.

The main difference between your local library or apps like Libby is that the Geek Readers Bookshelf has been specially curated with classical texts that will help your child learn to digest advanced texts like those found in 11 Plus English papers (for both grammar and independent schools).

Nurturing a Lifelong Love for Learning

The journey through a book goes beyond mere reading. It involves exploring the narrative, connecting with characters, and engaging with underlying themes. Online Reading Clubs facilitate this journey under the guidance of experienced tutors, nurturing a lifelong love for learning within your child.

Wave Goodbye to Book-Buying Woes

The ceaseless hunt for books that resonate with your child’s interests and academic level can be overwhelming. Our Geek Readers Bookshelf turns this worry a thing of the past. Your child will gain free access to all the necessary books and classic reading books, all sorted according to their year group, saving you from the unnecessary stress of finding the best books to read and the expense of buying them all.

Transforming Reading into a Joyful Experience

Online Reading Clubs aim to rekindle the joy and excitement associated with reading. They foster a vibrant community of young readers who embark on thrilling literary adventures from the comfort of their homes.

Ready to transform your child’s reading journey? Head to our sister site to learn more about the Geek Readers Club, and let the adventures begin!

Online Reading Clubs Are Changing the Game for Young Minds - And Reducing The Guilt and Stress For Parents!
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