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Need Books for Homeschooling? Here’s How and Where to Get Free Books for Your Child During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Reading is essential for all children. You can always tell an avid reader when you mark creative writing, or even English comprehension papers.

Reading is an essential part of effective 11 Plus preparation – now more than ever. An ability to read and understand is crucial for all children to acquire in general. But what can you do when libraries are shut, and the cost of buying books during the Corinavirus lockdown means you have to put a cap on your spending?

I’ve got two resources to share, which you can freely use to download free books – real books by the well-known published authors you already know about (and others you may not have come across before), from too publishers and the like.

So who is your hikd’s favourite author? Is it J.K. Bowling? David Walliams? Charles Dickens? Jacqueline Wilson? Michael Morpurgo? Watch this video to find out how you can read their books for free – no catch!