How to Manage your Child’s Revision Schedule for the Independent School Exams During the Christmas Break

How to Manage your Child's Revision Schedule for the Independent School Exams During the Christmas Break

The clock is ticking! If your heart is beating a lot more than usual these days, you really aren’t the only parent going through this. But don’t panic – with the Christmas break fast approaching, maximising on this holiday time could ensure your child is ready for the independent school exams in January.

Try this Schedule

So, what does a good Christmas holiday revision schedule look like?

If your child has younger siblings, or friends who aren’t doing the exam, be prepared for grumblings about how unfair their life is during the Christmas break. With all the bustle of Christmas at ever turn, there is more distraction at this time of year than any there. However, every little goes a long way.

A little a Day Will Keep the Fails Away

Working through a couple of practice papers everyday will go a long way in keeping your child on top form. The key is to get these papers marked and give your chance the opportunity to go through the corrections. It’s a pointless exercise doing the papers if they are marked days later. The learning is in going through the corrections.

Stop Counting the Marks

Even the most resilient of children get nervous about these exams. They’ve been hearing how hard and important they are going to be for so long, and now the time is etching ever closer and anxiety levels are probably up all round.

So, seeing low marks at this time can have a huge impact on your child’s confidence. The last few days leading up to the exam are about boosting confidence, keeping motivation levels high and going through any areas of weakness or knowledge gaps so that your child can go into the exam confident. Whatever you do, avoid totalling scores on papers at this stage – focus more on the aforementioned.

Have Some Fun!

Remember, ’tis the season to be jolly! Fit some fun into the schedule.

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