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    Looking for an English tutor in Bromley to help your child prepare for the 11+, SATs or GCSE?

    August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015

Looking for an English tutor in Bromley to help your child prepare for the 11+, SATs or GCSE?

Research shows that a quarter of children leave primary school unable to read or write. A quarter of children also leave secondary school unable to read or write. Considering the fact that we live in a Western country, which prides itself in helping so many third world countries, who aspire to speak and write the Queen’s English, this is a sorry state of affairs.

If you’re looking for an English tutor, you may have realised that your child is struggling with their reading and or writing. Does your child have a poor grasp of the use of grammar, punctuation and need help with their spelling?

Why may your child be struggling with English

Does your child read age-appropriate books every day? Does your child spend long hours watching TV and on their gadgets (the usual iPads, Ninetendo Ds’ or mobile phones for the older children)?

While technology has its benefits, it has taken over many households, and board games like Scrabble, which used to be at the core of a family evening have taken a back seat. Text language is the new norm for many teens, and they often start to abbreviate or introduce text language into their writing without even realising it… then there’s the issue with punctuation and grammar – they just don’t get used when texting.

It’s easy to see how spending lots of time on these gadgets at weekends and during school holidays can soon have a knock-on effect on a child’s English. If any of these issues described above sound like your child, then you may consider looking for an English tutor.

What tutoring English involves

Tutoring English is not about making a child feel alienated by a subject (they think) they really don’t enjoy very much. It’s about showing them how to put the pieces together and check that they are using the rules correctly.

Many children who detest English tend to enjoy maths – they don’t realise that there is a similarity in the approach to both subjects – there are rules, that when used, make perfect sense to themselves and whoever is marking their work.

If you’re looking for an English tutor in Bromley, or the surrounding areas, Geek School can help. Tuition is available in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. Please get in touch to discuss your needs – we would love to hear from you.