Is it too late to start preparing your child for the 11 Plus?

This is a question that many parents ask when they get in touch in Year 5 – especially at this time of year. The simple answer to that question is that it really does depend on the child; what level he or she is currently working at, whether he or she has a hunger to get into a good grammar school and – even more importantly – the support you as a parent or guardian can give them at home.

Every year, I see parents panicking because they think they are ‘late’ starting tuition for their child in September of Year 5; others only finding out about the 11 Plus in April and hope that, with a bit of luck and prayer, their children will pass; and then some parents are so confident in their child’s ability that they are happy to send them along to our 11 Plus Intensive in August and hope for the best. You can see how diverse each child’s situation is.

Some children start as preparing with a tutor as early as Year 4 and do exceptionally well – and others burn out. Some children start even earlier in Year 3 and do just fine.

If you can see the picture that’s building up here, it should be that every child is different. What works for one child may not work for another so it’s important to look at each child differently. At Geek School, our first step is that all-important assessment to see what level the child is working at, then provide honest feedback about the feasibility of helping them reach the required standard for a grammar or independent school in time. We don’t look for children who are ready made (what would be the purpose of the tuition!), we just look for the basics like timestables and a spark or hope. With that, we can and do work wonders.

If you’d like to find out if your child has enough time to prepare for 11 Plus exams, please do get in touch. Call Geek School Tutoring today on to book your child in for an 11 Plus assessment: 02086583239.

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