Introducing Exciting New Changes to Classic Readers: More Sessions, Streamlined Workflow, and an Enhanced Community Experience

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As passionate advocates of children’s literature and lifelong learning, we have always strived to make the Classic Readers Club provide the best possible experience for our valued members. Today, we are thrilled to announce some exciting changes that will take our online reading club for children in Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 to new heights.

More Reading Sessions for Your Child

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We believe every child deserves the opportunity to engage with literature and develop their reading skills in a supportive and stimulating environment. With this in mind, we are expanding our subscription plan to allow your child to book more than one reading session per week. This means more opportunities to explore the wonderful world of books, connect with like-minded peers, and build their confidence in reading.

A Streamlined Workflow for Booking and Joining Sessions

We’ve been hard at work improving the way our members book and join online reading sessions. Everything you need can be found in one convenient location: the Geek Reading Club community. You’ll find it all within our vibrant community, from booking reading sessions and participating in reading challenges to accessing the book of the month for each year group and discovering our repository of hundreds of classic reading books.

New Pricing Structure

We have introduced a new pricing structure to reflect the added value of multiple reading sessions per week and the enhanced features available within our community. The cost has increased to £60 across the board; however, we are pleased to offer our existing members the same subscription fee for April 2023 as a token of our appreciation for their loyalty.

Simplified Login Process

We’ve listened to your feedback and addressed the issues with Zoom logins. Now, joining our online reading sessions is easier than ever! Simply log into the Geek Reading Club community, and you’ll find the details for joining a live room when you sign your child up for a session.

A Warm Invitation to Experience the New Classic Readers

We are confident that these exciting changes will make our Classic Readers experience even more enjoyable and rewarding for you and your child. We invite you to visit the Geek Reading Club community and explore everything our enhanced platform has to offer.

Thank you for being part of our passionate community of book lovers, and we look forward to continuing to support your child’s reading journey with Classic Readers!

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