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grammar school application process

How to Register for Grammar Selection Tests and Independent School Exams (The 11 Plus Exams) Like the Kent and Bexley Test

Grammar school exams are somewhat of an ill-hidden secret. If you know about them, you probably know a lot about them, but if you do not live in a borough that has such schools, your understanding of these types of schools may be limited.

The grammar school selection process can seem like a complicated one, especially when the first child in the family goes through the process. Part of the reason why the information can be difficult to get hold of or understand is that information can be sparse and (often) confusing for parents.

It doesn’t help that many parents do not talk about the exams, for fear that they will increase competition for grammar school places.

Registering a child for the grammar school selection tests requires planning, as the dates are often a lot earlier than parents anticipate. Not knowing that the process starts when a child is in year 5, for example, means that without a firm understanding of the registration process, it can be easy for some parents to miss the deadline.

Watch the video to understand the grammar (and independent school) registration and process, when to apply for the selection tests, and some other important considerations.

You can also download our free secondary school search spreadsheet template for the 11 Plus to help you keep track of the schools and their deadlines.