How to Prepare for the Independent School Interviews: Course Available

How to Prepare for the Independent School Interviews

It’s that time of year where many children have gone through the first round of the 11 Plus preparation with their children. That’s the grammar school exams! Now it’s time to get ready for the independent school exams. And the interviews! 

If you are wondering what type of questions your child should practice, and what your child needs to prepare and say during the interview, you are not alone. Every year, I get contacted by parents who are looking for some guidance on the independent (private) school interviews. For many years, I have run a face-to-face course to prepare children for the interviews. However, due to distance and timing, some children can’t get to use, so I have the perfect tool to help you support your child. Our Independent School Interview Course ( covers everything your child needs to go into the independent school interviews with confidence:

  1. How to handle introductions;
  2. How to sit during the independent school interview process;
  3. How to answer private school interview questions.
  4. How to prepare questions to ask during the independent school interview process; and a
  5. Bonus – 50 interview questions to practice!

The Independent School Interview course is an interactive online course, so it is a lot of fun, too!  The best kind of learning is one that your child can interact with easily. That’s why our Independent School Interview course is 100% digital for today’s digitally-native youth.

The lessons and practice in the Independent School Interview course are in-depth, making sure that your child does not leave out relevant information when answering interview questions. The course will make sure your child gets a thorough review and practice to get their interview skills to reflect them in the best possible way.

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